Jack’s Walk

This way beckons, ©voyager, all rights reserved

It’s been a bit of a tough week for me. Partly it’s the weather. It’s been full of cold damp all week and that makes it harder for me to get out, but partly it’s because I had too much fun last weekend. It was my birthday and I was kept busy with visits to my mother and to friends and dinner out and to see the play Menopause The Musical! which was a 2 hour drive in each direction. It was all wonderful, but it was exhausting and once I get into that state it can take days to recover. It was worth it, though. Sometimes I do things knowing that I’ll pay a price. It’s like borrowing spoons from tomorrow. Many disabled people do because we still have interests and our minds and souls still need feeding. I love live theatre and I’m prepared to have a few down days if that means I can still participate. I don’t like to talk too much about my fibromyalgia. I learned that early on that no one really wants to hear you complain. It isn’t that people don’t care, it’s that there’s nothing anyone can do. A bit later on I also learned that it’s better to focus on what’s good in my life (a lot!) instead of what wrong. I don’t want to be defined by things I can’t do and I don’t want anyone’s pity. This voyager intends to have a full life and last weekend was certainly that. By tomorrow I should have a normal number of spoons again or as it feels for me, gravity will return to normal. I hope everyone has a good weekend. I intend to.


  1. says

    I’d send some spoons your wasy, but alas I ain’t got any spares myself.

    But this picture is really beautiful. It really captures the fall mood. But in a good way.

  2. jazzlet says

    I have also spent the week short of spoons, the inevitable result of wanting to do as much as at all possible on holiday, but I had a good time and am pretty well recovered.

    I love leaf strewn woods in autumn. Do you know what the trees are?

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The light is beautiful and the shadows are appropriate.

    I also hope you’ll have a good weekend and that you’ll get all your spoons back.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    I feel I have more spoons now than when I was unemployed. It’s just that time is the scarce quantity now. But I think my spoons aren’t the same as your spoons.

  5. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Today I noticed the maple leaves out front were finally responding to last weekend’s frost by turning yellow. Maybe the leaves will be down by winter solstice.
    Last year I was short on spoons, but this year things are better.

  6. rq says

    I have a collection of spoons I wish could be shared around as energy spoons for everyone. I have near 100 teaspoons of various kinds that I have… acquired over the years.
    In any case, I loved the progression of colours as the picture was loading, and the final product is lovely -- the trees feel so tall, and the canopy creates the feeling of an expansive, decorated roof. Cathedrals, when done right, have a similar effect.

  7. voyager says

    That’s a good sized collection of spoons and I appreciate the offer to share. If only…
    Also, thanks for the comparison to cathedrals. That’s the feeling I was going for.

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