Harakka Island – Chapter 10

It’s our last day with Ice Swimmer’s series Harakka an Island and we’re back to the port preparing to leave. I’ve enjoyed this series immensely. It’s been like an old-fashioned travelogue and the moving perspectives helped bring the island to life. It’s been so nice to see things from more than one vantage point. I’m a bit saddened that we’re leaving already, but isn’t that just the way it is with any trip…too short and over too soon.  Thank you Ice Swimmer.  It’s been a great adventure and now I’ll let  you lead the way home.


Chapter 10 – Departure


1. Crane, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

Now we’re back on the pier. The signal for the boat has been raised (not in the picture), but we have some time take a look at the crane. The other end of our boat trip is the white pier behind the crane.


2. Goodbye Harakka, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

The boat is almost here, so all we can do is to take a last look, lower the signaling semaphore (again, not in the picture) and get aboard the boat.

This was our tour (mine in person and yours through these photos) of Harakka in July 2018. We saw some things, but there’s more to the island than this, but that is another story of things that have not happened yet. I actually went to Harakka on two different evenings for these pictures, and I haven’t been there since that. Another time of the day or a cloudy day would show the place in a different light.

(link to previous post, Harakka an Island: Chapter 9)



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you for your kind words, voyager.

    Both the evenings were hot and sunny. I was sweating profusely while I was exploring the island.

  2. kestrel says

    I’m sorry to say goodbye to Harrakka Island too -- a really interesting place. I hope we get to see more photos some day. Seeing the boats, the water, the geology -- it all brings back my childhood which was spent on some sort of shore or other. I can practically hear the gulls crying through the photos.

  3. says

    I liked the series very much, thank you, Ice Swimmer. I guess that for you hot and sunny means to you sweltering heat of 5°C :).

    I love the crane picture. Since I live in a country without sea, that looks quite exotic and interesting in itself.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    Kestrel @ 2

    Islands fascinate me.

    I am hoping I can manage to go to Harakka in October. The boat connection should be there until October 21st this year, before the winter off-season. Of course going over ice during winter may be possible, but one has to know which route to take and be sure that the is will carry you (there are no guarantees). The western side is especially bad in that respect, so I’ve heard, the strait between Uunisaari and Harakka has strong currents and the shores are steep in many places.

    Note that I claim in the latter link that the big building is the Nature Centre, but that’s not true, that’s the artists’ building (the Nature Centre is a red wooden building near the eastern shore and it isn’t visible in any of my photos shown here). I wish I had known that at the time and so would have been able to say that to Caine.

    Charly @ 3

    Thank you!

    In spring that would be hot and sunny. 8-) It was actually 22 -- 24 °C more than your guess. Still almost nothing compared to many other places.

    I don’t know how often do they use the crane. The salt in sea water has made it quite rusty.

  5. Nightjar says

    Thank you so much, Ice Swimmer! I really enjoyed this, that island looked beautiful and so worth exploring the first time I saw it in one of your pictures before this series. I’m so grateful for this virtual tour to Harakka, visiting through your lovely photos was a wonderful experience.

    I am hoping I can manage to go to Harakka in October.

    Hmm… no ticks in October, right? You know, the mystery path… :D

  6. rq says

    This was a fun trip, some beautiful scenery and a leisurely wander around the island. I particularly like the crane photo here, lovely evening light.
    Maybe you’ll have another trip for us in future!

  7. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, Nightjar and rq.

    There may be ticks in October, they can hang around until winter comes, but wearing clothes that cover more bare skin is also more feasible.

    I hope I can take the time and find a suitably photogenic moment to do it.

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