Harakka Island- Chapter 4

We’re on to chapter 4 of Ice Swimmer’s series, Harakka, an Island and today we’re heading toward the water. I’m always drawn to big, open water and these photos show off the sea beautifully. I’ll let Ice Swimmer fill you in on the details.


Chapter 4 – West

The western shore of Harakka is visible from Uunisaari and one conversation with Nightjar in the comments of a posting with a picture of Harakka from Uunisaari sparked the idea to go and explore the island.


1. Open Sea in the Southwest, ©Ice Swimmer all rights reserved

There is a path from near the northwestern corner of the Artists’ Building to the other side of the earthworks behind the building. The path leads to cliffs on the western shore of Harakka. When looking southwest from the path one can see some islands, but also open sea.


2. Open sea to the south, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

This is the end of the path and the view south.


3. Open sea and drought, ©Ice Swimmer all rights reserved

The summer has been incredibly dry and some of the leaves go reddish brown due to the lack of water on the cliff.


4. Birch leaves, western cliff ©Ice Swimmer all rights reserved

Along the path, the birches had enough water to keep the leaves mostly green. Now we’ll go back to the backyard of the Artists’ Building using the same path we came from.

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  1. Nightjar says

    Oh, thank you, Ice Swimmer, those open sea photos are gorgeous! That horizon line is so captivating, it never fails to draw me in. I especially love the first picture, the light is lovely and the trees provide a beautiful frame.

  2. rq says

    The views are wonderful, and the thought of the open sea fascinates. The rocks, though. Beautiful. Also, the birch looks quite happy.

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