Harakka Island – Chapter 9

We’re back to  Arakka an Island and in this chapter Ice Swimmer takes us to see views east. Off we go…


Chapter 9 – Views East


1. Birches and Särkkä, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

From the front yard of Vellamo, we take another look at Särkkä, also seeing a few birches and the tower of the church in Suomenlinna. The church tower has a dual role as a lighthouse.


2. Footprints again or whose Island Part 4, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

Still more tracks left by webbed feet.


3. Birches, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

This is the birch we saw from another angle in 8. We’re on the road/path by the eastern shore, looking south. The dinosaurs are guarding the road. We shall not proceed further south.


4. A Bush and the City, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

We retrace our steps a bit and look to the northeast. These red elderberries are fairly common on Harakka. The urban area to the left in the distance is the neighbourhood Katajanokka in Helsinki.


Fireweed and Kruunuvuorenranta, ©Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved

  1. Fireweed and Kruunuvuorenranta

As said before, fireweed is very common on the island. The rocks have become nesting and resting place for barnacle geese.

In the distance, a bit right from the center, the area used to be a oil terminal, but most of the oil tanks have been demolished and the area will be developed into a residential area, connected to the downtown with a high-speed tram connection over two long bridges.

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  1. Nightjar says

    Those two dinosaurs really don’t look happy about your visit. They even look like they’re plotting something…

  2. rq says

    The elderberries add a very christmassy colour, it’s so bright in the sunlight.
    It took me a while to spot the barnacle geese in the last photo, good camouflage!

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