1. says

    Yes, she did. Pure shine, Beatrice. Such a sweet girl. She’d calm down on your shoulder, if you put her through the trauma of tracking and grabbing her, which I rarely did. Beatrice would reliably allow herself to be happily coaxed out for certain things though, like Nutella or sweet potatoes.

  2. Patricia Phillips says

    Oh, Beatrice’s coat looks a lot like our Margaret (whom we adopted in Nov. from a humane shelter).

  3. Patricia Phillips says

    Margaret-it’s a fun name! We ran into Margaret purely by chance-we had gone to the pet shelter to deliver cat toys that had been made by daughter’s GS troop. As we toured, much to our surprise, we saw a cage with one lone 8 month old female rat in it-Margaret! Daughter said, mom we have to take her home. Well, we had plenty of room for one more girl -- so take her home we did. The ppwk on her said she had belonged w/ a family with 2 kids, ages 9 and 12 and the parents brought her to the shelter because she was being neglected. Apparently the kids were not playing with her much any more. Poor little lonely thing! I was nervous about intros to the other 2, but they went swimmingly. She has enjoyed having ‘rat sisters’.

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