War on Christmas: Won!!1!

The Cephalopodmas Tree. © C. Ford.

Oh, the war on xmas, it be won! It’s the Trump effect! People can say merry christmas again! :eyeroll: The dumbfuckery of this is overwhelming. Who gives a fuck if you want to say merry xmas or have a safe and sane saturnalia? All this crap, yet another attempt by idiotic christians to pretend they are long-suffering martyrs who are oh-so-persecuted. Everyone in the world isn’t an exclusive asshole like we are! *sob*.

This morning on “Breitbart News Daily,” host Alex Marlow spoke with Williams about international issues and the White House tree lighting ceremony. Marlow asked Williams if there was “more for the president to be doing” to promote Christmas, to which Williams responded that he hopes the Trump administration continues the work it’s doing because “people were really fed up with the war on Christmas that we’ve seen over the last few years and really during the entire Obama years.”

“Part of the swing toward populism, toward nationalism, is also a swing toward religion and a recovery of some sort of Christian identity, the importance of faith. And I think that we’re seeing more public expressions of that,” Williams continued. “There are the new tallies on Christmas card sales and things, and ‘Merry Christmas’ is blowing away ‘Happy Holidays’—you know, these kind of whitewashed greetings from past years are looking more and more like a thing of the past.”

Your christian identity and the importance of your faith is dependent on a commercial holiday greeting? Puddles have more depth than you sanctimonious hypocrites. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, and Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings were quite popular back then. I don’t remember anyone having shit fits and compleat meltdowns over it. There’s room for a whole host of holiday greetings and sentiments. In our house, we have Ratmas and Cephalopodmas, none of which is taken seriously. It’s a silly holiday, it should be fun. I’m not twisting in the wind because you christians are ignoring Brumalia, and will ignore the upcoming Saturnalia. Also, most christians are well aware that your precious Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th December.

“So what I’m seeing, and I’m very delighted with, is people are more overtly expressive of their own faith and religiosity, and that’s part of the Trump effect,” Williams said.

Marlow said he agreed and thought there has been a “substantial war on Christmas.” He also alluded to a newfound “war on Thanksgiving” taking place in which liberals want to “ruin Thanksgiving for us.” He expanded that he thought it was interesting that liberals want to destroy holidays that feature religious components.

Since when is ‘thanksgiving’ religious? It’s people stuffing their faces and watching sportsball. Granted, those things are near religious in Ustates. I have no love for fucking liberals when it comes to ‘thanksgiving’ either, because if they wanted to do something, they’d give up their day of overeating in favour of the National Day of Mourning, seriously boosting the voices of indigenous peoples. They could also stop patting themselves on the back for having their “giving Tuesday” the week after their food and shopping overindulgence. You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.

Williams said the wars on Christmas and Thanksgiving are “a real globalist push from certain Americans on the left.”

Excuse me? The ‘thanksgiving’ disease is Amerikkan, and like most diseases, has infected other countries, but certainly not all. There’s no war. Much like your god, your holiday wars are all in your head.

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  1. chigau (違う) says

    When holidays like Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, Christmas are exported to other places, they are revealed for what they really are.
    An excuse to eat/drink too much and a chance for merchants to make a shitload of money.

  2. says


    An excuse to eat/drink too much and a chance for merchants to make a shitload of money.

    Yep. It’s not like people here don’t know that, but christians just gotta complain.

  3. lumipuna says

    (Caine may have been joking, but I’ll note this for the others)

    It’s not that the War on Christmas is global (as in happening outside of the US), but “globalist” is an alt-right code for shady leftist political manipulators who might or might not be Jewish, depending on how “alternative” your rightwing thinking is.

    Globalism is the favorite imaginary enemy of white supremacists (sorry, “nationalists”) all over the West. Therefore, you get (oxy)moronic sounding Twitter memes like “international coalition of nationalists against globalism”.

  4. lumipuna says

    Lately I’ve been subscribing to a local feminist magazine, in part because my social media consumption veers too much international. Some US political memes, like War on Christmas, bleed over and inspire subtle jokes in the local discourse.

    The magazine’s latest (this year’s last issue) has the following editorial greeting to the readers (my translation):

    Thanks for many people and cats!
    Merry New Year and other holidays!

  5. says

    Fuck christmass sideways. I hate that stupid holiday of obligatory cheerfulness and consumerist feeding frenzy. I hate christmass songs nonstop on radio, in the streets, in the supermarket and essentially everywhere.
    I am looking forward to solstice though. A hope of longer days again and a bit more sunshine which alows me to do something and not just be shut in with debilitating depression.

  6. says


    Solstice is good. As for xmas, eh, it’s whatever you make it or don’t; that said, I’m with you when it comes to all the forced crap -- the constant advertisements, the increase in spam, the music, all that.

  7. lumipuna says

    Charly, sympathies.

    I also feel tired and depressed in this stupid season. The last several weeks have been so rainy, my area is nearly flooding. Luckily, I can usually get away with minimal exposure to Christmas.

  8. jimb says

    My feelings are similar to Charly and Caine above. I look at it as a time to cook some “seasonal” dishes. About this time every year I make pastitsio -- this year it was last night. Later in the month I’ll do a leg of lamb (sourced from a local 4H group). Plus some random baking here and there.

    So it’s mainly food, family, and friends.

  9. Raucous Indignation says

    The first time I can recall this Merry Xmas crap is in NYC of my youth when racists objected to Jewish deli’s hanging Happy Hanukkah decorations. Apparently that was too much, having to see people of another faith celebrating the holiday season.

  10. jimb says


    Oh great, now I have to cook. Pastitsio is delicious.

    Turnabout for all the books you’ve “made” me add to my reading list. :-)

    It’s one of MrsB’s and Son’s favorites, they look forward to it every year.

  11. Curious Digressions says

    That tree has won the war on xmas all by itself. It is something to aspire to. I was right there with Charly until I pitched everything I didn’t want to deal with and slowly added back a very short list of things that worked for me. Also, replacing Consumer Orgy, I mean xmas, with Squidsmas helped.

  12. says

    The best thing that ever happened to our exmess was when I rang my brother to tell him that our annual family gatherings were over for me. The youngest child had hit 20, the years of tooth grinding tension waiting for someone to blurt out something snide, the outbursts from Mother shortly after I carted her off back home again, all missable. Not its just me and the partner sitting close together handing each other little treats and reading the books that changed hands. We don’t even have a tree anymore, just a small branch of spruce parked near the window without tinsel if I can get the energy up even for that.

  13. says

    Yes, for so many people, this time of year is an abject misery; the pressure to be all involved in family gatherings and such is extreme. I put an end to that many decades ago. For people without family, that pressure can often lead to a dire state, it would be better for everyone if xmas was not taken so damn seriously. Much better to bring back festivals like brumalia and saturnalia, which were more community festivals, meant for all, and if you didn’t want to take part, then you didn’t.

  14. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    This is the first Xmas without the Redhead. There will be no trees, no presents, and just the immediate family will get holiday cards. I’ll visit my parents next week, and maybe again near the end of January, but no visiting on the official holiday. It will be a non-event. Unless I find some frozen ham in the freezer and thaw it (pictures my Cardiologist saying “bad Nerd”).

  15. chigau (違う) says

    Make pea soup with the ham (with carrots and onions) and thumb your nose at the cardiologist.

  16. jazzlet says

    We’ve worked very hard to avoid traditional christmas, right down to persistent not giving presents to people who insisted on giving us presents year after year and the message finally got through to everyone about ten years ago, we’d only been trying since we got togeher back in the eighties. Occasionally we aquire new friends to be schooled, but mostly they greet our no christmas rules with enormous relief. We enjoy food we might not otherwise have because this is the only time of year it is sold, and we may enjoy that food with people who have time off because it is christmas with the accompanying statutory holidays, but otherwise we just carry on as normal.

    Welcoming the increasing day length is another matter, and as another person who suffers worse depression as the days shorten it is a very important point of change.

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