Satanic Pedophiles. Thousands. Yawn.

Our demon today is Leonard, who is a grand-master of the nocturnal orgies of demons. He is represented as a three-horned goat, with a black human face. He marks his initiates with one of his horns. Infernal powers obtained from the worship of Master Leonard range from metamorphosis into monstrous animals or men to flight as an incubus.

It’s self-styled ‘prophet’ Mark Taylor again. He just can’t let go of the satanic pedophile business, but as he’s predicting this time that they will be caught by the military, I suppose he has a new shtick all ready. We’ll see what happens when this prediction doesn’t come true either.

Claiming that there are nearly 5,000 sealed indictments in place against powerful leaders, Taylor asserted that Trump, who is “ten steps ahead of everybody,” has put the National Guard on notice to prepare for civil unrest in the wake of mass arrests. Taylor asserted that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are among those set to be indicted, claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is methodically building cases against them so that they cannot escape on any sort of technicality.

10 steps? Don’t you cranks talk with one another? Liz “Red Shoes” Crokin claims the Tiny Tyrant is always 15 steps ahead. Not that either one of you is right. Trump couldn’t even manage the National Guard in a real crisis situation. Other people had to do it, while he sat all alone, trying to keep up with videos. As for Sessions, he has other problems right now, and I doubt anything could tear him away from his obsession with weed.

“This corruption goes so deep and so wide and so long that it is going to take military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States,” Taylor said. “You are going to see people get rounded up that are going to blow your mind.”

Yeah. Y’know, Mr. Taylor, you keep predicting blown minds over this and that, but it never happens. Perhaps you could try predicting something which has a reasonable chance of happening. You can pick up good tips from people who do cold reading scams.

“The pedophilia and the child sacrifice thing, I think it is absolutely huge,” he added. “It is going to boggle the mind when they find out and start digging … Strap in, get ready for the ride because this is going to be going on for years, these military-style tribunals. They’re going to make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk.”

Huge. Uh huh. Odd that it’s only fanatical christians who are talking about this imaginary nonsense. That’s not huge. Start digging? I thought there were 5,000 sealed indictments all read to go. Even all the illegal shit that Trump & Co. have done so far doesn’t amount to Nuremburg II. It’s bad enough as it stands. So, different day, same old shit from you modern day “prophets”. Wake me up if you come up with something new and original.

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  1. johnson catman says

    45 can hardly get ten steps at his favorite spot, the golf course, without planting his fat ass in a cart.
    Regarding Mark Taylor, It is truly embarrassing how stupid so many people are in this country.

  2. coragyps says

    They can have tribunals at our closed Walmart! They can let the ISIS troops/jackbooted Jade Helm warriors that are there now go to a closed Sears store through one of the intercity tunnels they prepared for this, and bugger little kids underneath the ground, just like in pizza parlors!! It’s a win/win/win!!1!1

  3. vucodlak says

    Taylor asserted that Trump, who is “ten steps ahead of everybody,”

    I remember rolling my eyes at the claims that Obama was really playing 11-dimensional chess, but with him it was at least plausible that there was some kind of long-range plan than we mere mortals could not see. Obama is undeniably an extremely intelligent man.

    Trump? Trump can’t even remember what he said five minutes ago, which is why he’s telling a different lie now. He doesn’t have some grand master plan. He’s not trying to confuse his enemies. He’s confused.

    I don’t believe the speculation that he’s suffering from dementia, either- I think he’s just fucking lazy because he’s never had to work at anything his entire life. He tells these pathetic, transparent lies because there’s never been any consequences for his bad behavior. He’s never had to learn anything, not even how to lie, and he certainly hasn’t bothered to exert himself to learn anything he didn’t have to.

    Ten steps ahead? Like he’s some puppet-master/mastermind? He’s godsdamned houseplant. He’s been fed, watered, turned, and allowed to run wild all his life. And the nation was lost for want of a pair of pruning shears.

  4. says


    He’s godsdamned houseplant. He’s been fed, watered, turned, and allowed to run wild all his life. And the nation was lost for want of a pair of pruning shears.


  5. says


    To be honest, Leonard seems a decent enough guy. Especially by comparison.

    By comparison, he definitely wins. I am curious as to just what a grand master of nocturnal orgies does. Call out partners?

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