1. kestrel says

    So at your house, the angel is under or on the tree, and eats the ornaments. I like this a lot.

  2. says

    Many angels! Generally, every year, the Ratmas Tree™ has ornaments, various nuts, strings of cheerios, candy canes, and mineral chews. They do love their tree.

  3. Mak, acolyte to Farore says

    Oh my gosh what a precious little baby. Look how excited in that first pic! This is such a great idea.

  4. says

    :D Artemis, Amelia, and Agnes were the Trio of Greed. Those girls always had to get everything first, and all of everything. They were the compilers and keepers of The Hoard™.

  5. Mak, acolyte to Farore says

    THE HOARD oh god I’m dying.

    Where did they decide to stick their stash? Back when I had some little fuzzballs, I found theirs when I went to pull something out of the closet and triggered the pellet avalanche.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    There is something operatic about these pictures. However, I guess a soubrette would not try to sing her mouth full like that. Anyway, huge emotions seem to be at work.

  7. says


    Where did they decide to stick their stash?

    There were several locations, favourites being a box on one of the condo shelves and the giant hammock (an old pair of denim overalls). Oh, they would get so stressed when it was time to wash the giant hammock. I’d pile up the stash, and they’d hurry to move it somewhere safe.

    Ice Swimmer:

    Anyway, huge emotions seem to be at work.

    Yes, pistachios! Those are a rare treat, and nothing brings out the greediness quite like pistachios. Besides, Ratmas, serious business y’know.

  8. jazzlet says

    Where did the candy cane, that Artemis is ignoring in favour of the pistachio, come in relation to the cheerios and mineral chews? They clearly have good taste, pistachios are the best nuts.

  9. says

    Oh, the candy canes were never ignored. I always have to put more on the tree. In order of faves: mineral chews, pistachios, candy canes, cheerios.

    Somewhere, I have photos of when Agnes figured out the mineral chews. The bars come with a little hole at one end, so they are easy to string up on the tree. Most of the rats would get ahold of a chew and pull and pull and pull, trying to get them off the tree. Agnes did that one time. Then she sat and stared for a few minutes. Then she launched herself at a mineral chew, pulled tight, and bit through the thread. She got all the chews! Agnes was even smarter than Alfie, and that’s saying something.

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