What We Deserve…

Dante and Virgil in Hell, William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

There are times I idly wish some form of underworld existed; when it comes to mouthy, obnoxious, immoral christians, I could get on board with the notion of hell. At least for a time. I can’t ever get past that ‘tortured for all eternity’ business, it’s just too much. No matter which particular underworld, any treatment would pall after a sufficient time. Anyroad, Liz ‘Red Shoes!‘ Crokin had something of a pity party the other day.

Liz Crokin declared recently that she is not worried about her career suffering due to her obsessive efforts to prove that countless government, business and entertainment leaders are involved in a massive satanic pedophile ring because she knows that she will be rewarded by God for her work.

I wonder, does it ever dawn that there has been no reward? It has to occur at some point. No wonder theists then take refuge in ‘the afterlife!’.

In an interview with the America First Media Group last week, Crokin said that while she has suffered personally and professionally because of her crusade to expose supposed rampant pedophilia and child sacrifice, she would “rather be poor and getting the truth out there and being on the right side of God and history.”

That’s nice. It’s easy to be on the right side of a ‘god’, when said ‘god’ is a figment of your imagination, and of course believes everything you do, and shares all your hatreds. As for history, ah, that one is not quite so easy to deceive. It is remarkably arrogant of Ms. Crokin to think she’ll make the history tomes of the future. I’m afraid the majority of humanity never gets close to being recorded for all posterity.

“Judgment Day is coming and not only is God going to unleash His wrath on the pedophiles, He’s also going to unleash his wrath on the people that knew about it and covered for it,” Crokin said. “People like us will be rewarded by God … People like us who have been censored and punished for having politically conservative viewpoints, supporting Trump and especially the people that have hurt us for trying to help children and save children from predators, there will be a day where we will not have to worry about our bills and we will get lifestyle that we deserve.”

Oh my. There’s a lot of material there, but I’m going to focus on this one small part:

we will get lifestyle that we deserve.

This is about lifestyle? This is about your desire to have the power which comes with obscene amounts of money? I’m pretty sure christianity throughout the ages has had plenty to say about rich people and filthy lucre, not that it has ever stopped christianity at large from amassing filthy amounts of wealth and power. Gosh, I thought you’d be all happy to be poverty ridden in the cause of your god. I rather doubt you’re all that poor, either. I expect you might be exceeding the framework of your current lifestyle. People do that one all the time. So, Jehovah is going to look upon you one of these days, say Good work, Red Shoes, have a pile of money! ? Hmmm. From what I remember of my christian days, it doesn’t work like that.

As for Jehovah unleashing his wrath on those who sexually abuse children, he’s had one hell of a long time to do just that. People have been abusing children in a variety of ways since always. That god of yours didn’t care when the church was using children as convenient fodder for the crusades, which also allowed the church to pile up on all that filthy lucre. Your god didn’t care when children were routinely worked and fucked to death by all those holy servants. And so on. There are children around the world suffering at the hands of adults, every single moment of every single day. Haven’t noticed a great swath of punishment happening. And it won’t happen. Trying to narrow it down to non-existent cults in Hollywood won’t help at all, because your god doesn’t exist. It’s on us to change things; it’s on us to help all those in untenable situations. I note you aren’t doing that, Ms. Crokin. Well, keep hollering. I’m sure if you pander to the willfully ignorant and gullible, you’ll get your hands on that filthy lucre one of these days.

Oh, and if you’re being censored, I expect silence. That would be blissful. Unfortunately, no bliss for us. Apparently, Ms. Crokin jumped all over the Tiny Tyrant’s recent fumble with a water bottle to turn it into something mysterious and cooooool:

President Trump’s Fiji water stunt today was no question strategic! He does not usually have a special table with water on it! They put the water on the table front and center on purpose because it’s a clue. The clue is Fiji! Plus, Trump was so dramatic about the water, it’s obvious he was sending a message. Also, he knew the brain dead MSM reporters would mock him for this leading people like me to take note and research the significance of Fiji.

There are lots of working theories on what Fiji symbolizes. The CEO of Fiji is corrupt as hell and a huge Clinton backer. Obama is a fan of Fiji water too, travels there and allegedly has a bunker there. I’ll post more theories in the comments.

If you can’t see that this was a strategic move, you don’t understand Trump. Literally everything he does has significance, meaning, symbolism, etc. Plus, he’s a master troll! Let’s not forget his epic photo op in front of the kids right after he got into the White House in front of Hillary Clinton’s portrait, lol!

Via RWW.

Red Shoes? Let’s Dance! Oh. Nevermind.

Red Shoes! Red Shoes! Illuminati! Squuuuaaaawk! Oh yes, uh, satanism, child abuse, child sex slaves, all that.

Making a second appearance on a program hosted by one-time “Survivor” contestant Anna Khait that was streamed on Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page last Thursday, Liz Crokin continued on her mission to expose the supposed fact that leading government, entertainment and business leaders are involved in a massive satanic pedophile cult by linking Podesta’s choice of shoes to Illuminati mind-control.

“Tony Podesta is obsessed with his red shoes,” Crokin said. “There is symbolism for red shoes in the occult and it’s also tied to satanic ritualistic abuse and the trafficking of children.”

Or, you know, Mr. Podesta might really like the colour red, and he might really like those shoes. Perhaps your obsession with someone else’s shoes isn’t terribly healthy, Ms. Crokin. I have a fair number of red shoes m’self. What’s not to love? Do blue suede shoes get in on this at all?

“The Illuminati, the elites, they use ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to mind control child slaves,” she added. “They use certain films to program children and part of the programming is having them watch these films

Uh huh. I did not like The Wizard of Oz in the least when I was sprog. Bored me silly. Whether or not sprogs like the film, it’s not at the level of oooOOOOOoooOOooo mind control. Now, out of this one movie, you’re focusing on the ruby slippers? Really? Oh, you christian conservatives are so void of imagination. There’s a lot of material to work with there, and you go with shoes.

and they also sexually abuse them and they physically abuse them because the abuse splits their personality and creates different personalities, so then they are able to program them and control them and they virtually become MK-Ultra programming.”

That one merits you one universe worth of Shut the Fuck Up and sit down, Ms. Crokin. A whole lot of kids suffer terrible abuse, and they do not end up with “split personalities” which make them ideal “agents” in one of your idiotic scenarios. You can leave all of us who have suffered abuse the hell alone. I’ll add that christian conservatives are high up there when it comes to abusing children. Look to your own house, you vile bag of poison.

“This is a known thing,” Crokin insisted. “They use ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to mind control these child sex abuse victims. Well, what does Dorthy wear in ‘The Wizard of Oz’? Red shoes!”

No. It. Is. NOT. A. Known. Thing. It’s something you made up, and you’re pretending that red shoes make this nefarious connection between whatever and whatever. I’ll be heading into town today, and already have my outfit ready, which includes brown boots. I am so tempted to change everything so I can wear a pair of red shoes. Everyone should wear red shoes! They’re festive and cheerful! And, it’s the right time of year for that, too.

Via RWW, where there’s video.

A Solid Christian.

Roy Moore speaks at Voters Value Summit 2017. (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch).

Oh, so many evangelicals of the religious reich are propping up Roy Moore with absolute zeal, and a gigantic raft of lies. I’m not going to address all of them; I have a busy day ahead, but some of this, ugh, toxic morality is so damn disgusting. I will make the point that it’s hardly uncommon for men in their late 20s/early 30s to pursue people in their early teens; it happened to me often enough, and yes, that was in the 1970s. That sort of age gap wasn’t as frowned upon then, a man of 32 with a solid career was considered to be a good match for someone 17 to 19 years old, a steady hand, so to speak. Yeah, I know. I am thankful attitudes have changed in that regard. All that said, it does not make that behaviour any less skeevy or questionable. There’s a massive power imbalance there, and that was particularly true in Moore’s case, as he was a district attorney, and most teenagers aren’t completely clear on just how much power is or isn’t contained within that position. Moore was in a position to make an effective threat.

The fact that Moore was so very careful to not engage in intercourse tells me he knew damn well what he was doing was wrong, and he didn’t want to be caught. He certainly didn’t want to be punished in any respect, so he was very cautious. Does the fact he’s been married the last 32 years make it okay? No. I’ve been married for 38 years, together with my partner for 40 years. What does that tell you about the state of my marriage? Nothing. What does that tell you about my character and actions for the last 40 years? Nothing.

I expect many of the evangelicals supporting Moore wouldn’t be upset if a 32 year old wanted to date their teenage daughter, and that really does not make anything better. It makes it much worse.

The American Family Association stood by its endorsement of Moore, writing in a statement, “AFA Action believes Justice Roy Moore to be a truthful man and a solid Christian.” Bryan Fischer, a radio host for AFA’s American Family Radio, wrote that establishment Republicans were turning against Moore because they “despise ordinary Americans like us who believe in the Ten Commandments, natural marriage, normative sexuality, right and wrong, the Constitution as written by the Founders, the rule of law, and the Judeo-Christian tradition of truth claims and moral values.”

I’m an ‘ordinary’ American. I’m mixed race, childfree, bisexual, and identify as female. I’m an atheist who is committed to inclusion and acceptance. I live rural, with one partner and too many animals. I do not believe in the ten commandments, natural marriage, or missionary position only and don’t fuckin’ enjoy it. I don’t believe in the constitution; I think it’s high time for a rewrite. I believe in marriage equality. I do have a strong sense of right and wrong. I somewhat respect law. A lot of it is damn stupid, and needs serious reworking too, and the police system needs to be torn down and redone completely. WTF is the “Judeo-Christian tradition of truth claims and moral values”? Truth claims? Jesus Christ. How about the truth? I’m not allergic to that. I am allergic to the twisted, abusive bullshit you asses present as ‘moral values’. Your ‘moral values’ say Moore is a stand up guy, not a skeevy man who used his position to impose on teenagers. Why in the hell should I pay attention to such a version of “right and wrong” ? No. Just no.

AFA president Tim Wildmon told Religion News Service, “I don’t think this kind of story will change support for him among Christians since he has categorically denied it. Most will see it as dirty politics.”

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. That little sentiment should be familiar to you all.

Jerry Falwell Jr., one of President Trump’s strongest allies in the Religious Right, told RNS, “It comes down to a question who is more credible in the eyes of the voters — the candidate or the accuser.” He later clarified that he believed the candidate.

Ah, the christian version of bitches be lying. How lovely.

Anti-choice activist Janet Porter wrote in WorldNetDaily that she trusts Moore in part because he doesn’t think her “heartbeat bill,” which would ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy, goes far enough. Porter laid out her theory that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos encouraged the paper to manufacture accusations against Moore in order to bring him profits. “Not sure who to vote for?” she wrote. “Just look at who the enemy is firing at the hardest. He’s the guy you want.”

Don’t be dragging Lucifer into this mess. Your imaginary archvillain hasn’t done anything. If Moore was such an amazingly upstanding christian, why didn’t he fight off the temptation to impose himself all over one teenager after another? Why, when the urge came over him to accost a teenager or go hunting them at the local mall, was this solid christian not on his knees in prayer? The only enemy here are Moore’s own actions. “Hey, it was a long time ago” does not excuse it. Look at Moore’s attitude towards bodily autonomy rights. Is this a man who views women as full human beings? No.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, so damn disgusting. RWW watch has the full rundown, replete with links.

Further reading from Mano Singham.

Contagious America: The Anti-Equality Tour.

Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, spent nine days in October on a tour of Romania to boost religious conservatives’ push for a referendum to put a ban on same-sex couples marrying into the country’s constitution. Davis traveled with Liberty Counsel Vice President Harry Mihet, who was born in Romania. Mihet discussed the trip last week with Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver on Faith and Freedom, the group’s weekly radio show.

Staver said that Mihet and Davis met with “four out of the six top archbishops of the Orthodox Church” as well as evangelical leaders and heads of “pro-family” organizations. Mihet said they spoke to “several hundred people” in six of the country’s largest cities, with “thousands” more watching online.

Staver said that Davis made the trip to tell her story as a warning about “the implications” of a country going “the wrong way on marriage.” Mihet said Davis gave a “powerful” message about the need to define marriage in the constitution to prevent the kind of “devastating” impact on people of faith experienced in the United States because of “judicial activism and judicial overreach.”

The monstrous contagion that is America. People everywhere, don’t let your countries grow up to be Amerikka. Please. Be better than us, it’s not like it’s a high bar. RWW has the full story.

“They fall down if you’re dumb.”

Trump l’oeil: the atrium of Trump Towers.

I’m quite surprised Jim Bakker can breathe, he’s so busy screeching out dire warnings. This one is quite standard, democrats in power = all hell’s gonna break loose, you bet.

Bakker and his guest, Sharon Gilbert, agreed that President Trump is being protected by God and that Trump is much smarter than people think.

“You cannot build the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world if you’re dumb,” Bakker said. “They fall down if you’re dumb.”

It’s not nice to make someone snort tea in laughter. Most beautiful? Cheapshit gilt all over everything? Corners cut all over the place? Beauty is subjective, and I don’t find any Trump establishment to meet that standard. They might make The Gaudiest, Most God-Awful structures anywhere. As for them not falling down, were you under the impression that Trump actually got out there and did the construction? Set it up? Supervised it? No. He hired people, all of them smarter than him, to do the actual work. Trump wouldn’t know work if it smacked him in the face.

Bakker went on to warn that while Trump is committed to defending Christianity, Democrats are intent on destroying it.

“The left has become anti-Christ,” Bakker continued. “I’m convinced, if we would have elected the other candidate, we would be, right now, probably packing boxes to move out of our buildings and Christian television would begin to be a part of the end of era of the freedom of Christian television. They don’t want us, we’re one voice that speaks biblically and they don’t like the fact that God’s word differs with what they teach. If we change positions in this country and the other team takes over, you better get ready because all hell is going to break loose and America will not be a religious nation any longer.”

Oh fuck off. We were all doing quite well the past eight years, with a highly peaceful and scandal free white house, one in which actual work got done. No one cares about your tiny shows or your youtube channels. I thought Pres. Obama was supposed to be the anti-christ, and you all never stopped screeching for the whole time. No one came and got you in the middle of the night and quietly disappeared you. No one came to get you in daylight, either. You’re still here, spraying toxic stupid shit into the air by the tonne.

Oh, so you’re all one voice which speaks biblically? Two words: Roy Moore. You all don’t seem to be one voice there. One thing you can count on christians never being: a united front. You’re all so splintered and fractious, you’ll fight one another forever over the most piddling of things. That’s why I have little respect for moderate christians, because they are the foundation you religious reich asses rest on, and they won’t stand up to you.

So, America will  not be a religious nation any longer. That would be a good thing, because this is supposed to be a secular nation, not a christian one. Of course, as everyone remotely rational knows, the democrats don’t have the spine to say boo to christians. Nothing on that front will change. Never does.

Your ugly, psychopathic god preaches every evil. I would hope that good people would differ greatly in what they teach. I’m all for inclusion and acceptance. You want hate, rabid fear, exclusion, divisiveness, and the power to hurt others. No fucking thanks.

I did get a laugh looking at the opening screen on the video – there are wrapped boxes everywhere (most likely empty), a happily pagan winter solstice tree, garlands, and garish decorations. How very commercial of you, O righteous dude! Tsk.

Via RWW, there’s video.

Sunday Facepalm.

Thoughts & Prayers, Thoughts & Prayers, Thoughts & Prayers, pretty much the only response of conservatives and too many christians in any crisis. Unsurprisingly, people at large have finally gotten fed up with Thoughts & Prayers, and aren’t at all shy anymore about telling the Thoughts & Prayers Parrots where to stick those thoughts and prayers. This has upset Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition something awful. He has a little petition:

…I’m writing you, along with thousands of other supporters of Faith & Freedom Coalition, to demand that Democrats stop using the lives of the 26 victims of Sutherland Springs to push a political agenda.

As Americans, we need to come together in a time of tragedy. We must focus on what unites us–not how we can score political points.

But instead, members of your party have gone on the record openly mocking Christians for offering their prayers, support, and guidance over the last few days. And worse, members of your party have exploited these victims to push radical gun laws that wouldn’t have prevented the attack in the first place. …

No one is using them as a political prop of any kind. What’s happening is anguished outrage over all those who stubbornly defend absurd and insane laws in this country, which is already drowning in guns, and refusing to acknowledge that change is desperately needed, to save lives. Of course, one of the major problems with christians is that you assholes always go on and on and on about how this life doesn’t count, it’s the one after you’re all dead and decayed.

If you all want to believe that, fine, but stop inflicting that view on everyone else. There are plenty of people who are most focused on this life, because we know it’s all we get, and time is short. It’s truly awful the way christians always find a way to disdain and disrespect life, in spite of all those Thoughts & Prayers. You support unfettered access to guns. You fight even the tiniest of regulations. You defend those men who routinely abuse their families. You protect those who sexually assault and rape. You defend the rights of rapists. You fight against women having the slightest amount of bodily autonomy. You protect those who abuse children. You support and encourage the death penalty. You support wars. Yeah, your morality just shines through all those Thoughts & Prayers.

You act as though Thoughts & Prayers are some sort of action; that they mean something. They don’t. They are just a way for you to hoist yourself into the spotlight, while actively refusing to do one thing which would make for a positive, and less blood-soaked change. Why should anyone give a damn about your parroting prayers? Are all your TweetPrayers so valuable?

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father in secret shall reward thee openly. – Matthew 6: 5-6.

I expect your little petition will be ignored; I certainly hope it will be. After all, if those Thoughts & Prayers were supposedly directed to your god, what difference does it make how others react to them? Oh, ye of little fuckin’ faith, so very frail.

You can see the whole thing here.

“I read the whole book!”

Jim Bakker is yelling up a storm, again. Did you know that impeach means kill? Me neither.

“They want Trump in prison,” he said. “I thought we had an America that we were supposed to have an election and then start working together. We have an almost anti-American spirit going on.”

:Snort: The republican definition of working together: “Do everything our way, or we’ll have a yuuuuuge tantrum!” Y’know, Jim, a lot of people thought “we’ll have an election, then start working together” when Pres. Obama was first elected. Funny how there was no ‘working together’ on the conservative side. I remember assholes hollering birtherism, screaming for impeachment, etc. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, we’re supposed to all get along?

If the Tiny Tyrant has committed crimes, then yes, he belongs in prison. Right now, I’d be happy enough with his eviction from the white house. An eviction notice shouldn’t shock him, he’s certainly served enough of them to others.

Bakker’s guest, Sharon Gilbert, agreed, saying that “Washington, D.C., seems to be the black heart of this terrible spiritual movement” because the city is filled with “men and women who serve our enemy, the enemy of Yahweh,” which is proof that opposition to Trump is “occult in nature.”

The only thing that’s proof of is word salad exists. Oh, so everyone in the resistance has to be occult now? How embarrassing, I don’t even have black candles. I do have a fabulous cloak, but it’s not black. :scribbles shopping list: I have my Ghost playlist on right now though!

“How can we want to kill a president who is trying to save America’s babies?” Bakker asked.

Who’s talking about killing him? I want him impeached. I’ve been very good, I haven’t even muttered darkly about the lack of assassins these days. Really. Let’s not pretend that all you assholes intent on ruling over all the bodies of those who can get pregnant is brand new, and some grand idea of the Tiny Tyrant’s. You’ve been working on that for decades now. There’s nothing at all wrong with ‘America’s’ babies. Most of them are just fine. All the zygotes and embryos, those are none of your business. It would be nice if you shit stirring hypocrites would pay attention to ‘America’s’ babies. Lots of families out there who could use help. Lots of hungry kids who need nutritious food. Food deserts need to be addressed. The foster system needs a reworking, and there are always lots and lots and lots of kids who need homes. There’s all manner of good works you could be doing, but no.

“Come on Christians, you had better wake up! Because the church is very sound asleep over this thing and judgment will come. I’ve read the book [the Bible]—I didn’t just read the end of the book, I read the whole book.

Which christians? Which church? The bible is made up of little ‘books’, and it’s not an Agatha Christie mystery, you dumbfuck. I have read the bible, cover to cover, more than one version. Because there are a number of versions, y’know. Did you read all the books in the Douay-Rheims? Because those are missing in the version you most likely read (KJV). Have you read the annotated SAB? You can get a lovely hardcover version of it. It has all manner of inconvenient notes and questions. Well, inconvenient to christians. There’s always some judgment or other, Jehovah is an asshole supreme. And, it appears he’s been sound asleep for thousands of years now, so that’s a rather empty attempt at a threat. You folks can’t even pray up a burning bush.

All of you asses are getting to be beyond boring. Why don’t you start up Sortes Sacrae again! That would be fun. :Gets out bible: Hmmm, 3 times gives me: The house, their horses they shall find none. Okay, it might take you a while to come up with something good, but hey, it will keep you busy. Okay, I just had to do it again, and 3 times gave me: Why respect this wisdom? Hee.

Judgment always comes when you mock God, when you curse God and we’ve cursed God in this country.”

So you keep saying. People keep mocking, or worse, giving an indifferent shrug to your nonsense and your psychopathic god. Nothing’s happened yet that is not our own doing. I’m much more concerned about the Tiny Idiot King getting his little fingers on a certain button than I am with your imaginary god. Which would be one reason I want him impeached. See how that works?

There’s video at RWW.

Today’s Demon: Rick Wiles, Wait…

Andras, Grand Marquis in Hell, Dictionnaire Infernal.

Make that Today’s Demon: Andras, who may have found a happy home in Rick Wiles. A quick look at Andras:

Andras is a Great Marquis of Hell, having under his command thirty legions of demons. He sows discord among people. According to the Goetia, Andras was a Grand Marquis of Hell, appearing with a winged angel’s body and the head of an owl or raven, riding upon a strong black wolf and wielding a sharp and bright sword. He was also responsible for sowing discord, and commanded 30 infernal legions. He is the 63rd of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Andras was considered to be a highly dangerous demon, who could kill the conjuring magician and his assistants if precautions were not taken. The Dutch demonologist Johannes Wier, in his Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, says of Andras:

Andras is a great marquesse, and seemes in an angels shape with a head like a blacke night raven, riding upon a blacke and a verie strong woolfe, flourishing with a sharpe sword in his hand, he can kill the maister, the servant, and all assistants, he is author of discords, and ruleth thirtie legions.

Another demonologist, Collin de Plancy, also mentions Andras in his writings:

Grand Marquis of Hell. He appears to have the body of an angel and the head of a wood owl, and to be riding a black wolf and carrying in his hand a pointed saber. He teaches those whom he favors to kill their enemies, masters and servants. He stirs up trouble and dissension. He commands thirty legions.

Sowing discord. In favour of killing. Stirring up trouble and dissension. A perfect fit for Rick Wiles! Mr. Wiles is attempting to bring back the specter of oooOOOOooo Communism, among other things.

“The mass killings of peaceful Christian families in church on Sunday mornings are what America’s political left has given this nation,” Wiles said. “Since 1962, there has been a relentless ongoing war of hatred in the USA against God and Christianity. The religious war has been supported by America’s courts and judges, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the news media, academia, and the Democratic Party. Fifty-five years later, we have church carpets soaked in blood. Oh, America, how much more of this religious war against God are you going to tolerate? Will you remain silent until your children are bleeding on the church floor too?”

Yet somehow, Mr. Wiles, you don’t mention the bombings of predominantly black churches. There’s no mention of Dylan Roof, or the insane level of racism in this country, which keeps elevating, embraced by more and more white men with severe cases of aggrieved entitlement. Lots of angry men out there, who are allowed to get away with being abusive as fuck for years on end, and you’re surprised by a very bad ending? This doesn’t have jack shit to do with christianity, which is what you mean by ‘religion’. If Mr. Kelley had thought his in-laws were at the local gas station, that would have ended up shot to pieces. You don’t mention the sheer insanity of guns in this country, Mr. Wiles. That’s a problem. A big, yuuuuge problem. Trying to get you fucking infernal christians out of public affairs has been a long fight, but angry white men with guns are not the result of not having mandatory, ostentatious public prayer in school or no commandments in court houses.

I have no love for religion, and I certainly have no love for loud mouthed shit stirrers like you, Mr. Wiles. Your message is never one of love. It’s never about kindness. It’s never about anything even remotely positive. It’s always a fucktonne of lies and moaning over how you lack the power to oppress the hell out of people these days. That’s a good thing.

“A dark, sinister entity controlled by Lucifer is behind these mass shootings,” he warned. “These events are not happening at random by mentally ill people. You may not realize it, but the USA is engulfed in a communist revolution. I’ve been warning about it since 2008, with the election of communist street organizer Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Hussein Obama, and I assure you he is behind all of this Resist Trump movement going on right now.”

:Near-fatal eyeroll: There are many reasons the amount of mass shootings are going up, but it has nothing to do with Lucifer, dark and sinister entities, communists, or President Obama. You’re really going to have to lose the communism angle, Mr. Wiles, it’s just too difficult to push that one when we’re Russia Junior. I’ve been resisting the Tiny Idiot King from day one and before. Haven’t had so much as a memo from President Obama. Gosh, you’d think he was bad at that leadership stuff. Wait, that’s Trump.

Wiles said that Christians must wake up and realize that this communist revolution is in the process of taking over the nation and will soon set out on a campaign to execute “tens of thousands of Christian leaders within months or years.”

Are there that fucking many of you ‘great leaders’ here in uStates? Gad, that’s depressing. Well, y’know, I rather think if no one has gone to the trouble of shutting you all up by decapitation by now, that won’t be happening. I haven’t seen guillotines going up in public squares. Seems absolutely nothing keeps you nasty assholes from endlessly blathering.

“If you think I am melodramatic,” Wiles said, “you don’t know history.”

I’m no historian, but I’ll wager I know history more than you do, Mr. Wiles. I read. A lot. I’m quite familiar with christian history, and that’s a history of hate, fear, war-mongering, blood lust, the endless lust for power, torture, oppression, genocide, theft, and death, death, death. It’s an extremely ugly history, replete with exempla of evils and immorality. If I were christian, I certainly wouldn’t be proud of it. If I thought all those demons were real, Mr. Wiles, I’d say you have an Andras on your back.

Via RWW, there’s video.

A Public Offense To Religion.

“Ecce homo erectus” (image courtesy Hogre).

“Ecce homo erectus” (image courtesy Hogre).

Anonymous artist Hogre wasn’t expecting to be arrested while checking their email at an internet café in Rome. Neither were they anticipating being charged under an archaic Italian law that punishes a public offense to religion with a fine of up to 5,000 Euros or a prison sentence of up to two years.

Hogre was one of two artists who, on June 1 of this year, placed satirical posters in bus stop advertising spaces in the Italian capital. Hogre’s poster “Ecce homo erectus” depicts Jesus with a conspicuous erection, resting one hand on the head of a praying, kneeling child. This was a response to sexual abuse charges against Cardinal Pell, the third highest-ranking Vatican official.

The other poster, “Immacolata conception in vitro,” is by Hogre’s friend doublewhY. Less obviously inflammatory, it shows two women holding a baby; one of the women is flipping off the viewer. The text and image suggest a parallel between in vitro and immaculate conception.

The moral panic that ensued was instigated by right-wing politician Fabrizio Ghera, who called for the resignation of the transport official responsible for the posters. The Italian media fanned the flames of this panic; according to Hogre in an interview with Hyperallergic,“the articles that were around looked like they were written by parrots and pigeons.”

Ads by Hogre and doublewhY at bus stop in Rome, Italy (photo courtesy Hogre).

Another lofty height achieved in the annals of pious hypocrisy. “Jesus with an erection, the whole world will fall apart!” but it’s perfectly okay for the Catholic Church to keep playing transfer the rapist, making denials, and protecting and sheltering those who sexually assault and abuse. Is that not an offense to religion? Might be nice if the church was more concerned about actual harm, rather than depiction of Jesus’s boner.

Hyperallergic has the full story.

“Two will be taken, three will be shaken.”

Self-styled “prophet” Mark Taylor has a shiny, new prediction – dead and shaken former presidents.

Taylor said that when he saw all five former presidents gathered at an event to raise money for hurricane relief, he received a word from the Lord that “two will be taken, three will be shaken.”

Sounds like pills and a martini.

“They were doing this Hurricane Harvey relief effort,” Taylor said. “They were trying to raise money for Hurricane Harvey, but we all know that is a bunch of lies. These guys could care less about people, it’s about their agenda. They disguised it as a relief effort for Hurricane Harvey victims and they go in there and they trash Donald Trump.”

Oh no, they didn’t trash Donny, the Tiny Tyrant doesn’t need help in that department. These former presidents were appalled and dismayed by the compleat lack of action on the part of the Tiny Tyrant, so they did something, while also providing a nice example of how a president should act. They did raise money for Hurricane relief, that’s all easily verifiable from trustworthy sources.

“The Bible says, ‘Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets,’” he continued. “These guys have now touched God’s anointed, Donald Trump. They used it as a platform to go in there and attack.”

Now, now, they didn’t touch one hair on Donny’s head (who would want to?) and they didn’t attack. They didn’t even mention Donny. That their effort put Donny in a bad light, well, that’s on Donny, no one else. It’s not the fault of the former presidents that the Tiny Tyrant is a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how to handle the least thing, let alone a crisis.

Taylor said that God told him that because of their supposed attack on Trump, “the covenant that these five presidents have had with that entity called Baal—because Baal is the strongman over America—is going to be broken. And then He said, ‘Two of these ex-presidents will be taken and and three will be shaken.’”

Crispy Fried Christ, you’re still on about Ba’al. I’ve already covered just how bloody wrong you are on that one, Mr. Taylor. Predicting the death of two former presidents is a very cheap shot, Mr. Taylor. Isn’t Bush the Elder in his 90s now? He’s been in hospital recently, too. Carter is fairly old, too. At any rate, with the exception of Pres. Obama, most of the former presidents are of an age where dying isn’t exactly uncommon. Mostly, I think your prediction points to you being a shitty conman who couldn’t make ‘prophet’ under any circumstance.

“God is just going to take these guys home, period. He is going to remove them and it will be a sign for certain things,” said Taylor. “The other three will be shaken and I believe that two of them will run the risk of going to prison and the third one will also be shaken due to having to testify or legal issues or whatever the case may be. Now, I don’t know if all three of those will go to prison, but I believe there is a very good possibility that two out of the three could face jail time because of what they have done.”

Aaaaand your “prophesying” just gets worse. Even cold reading cons can do much better than this pile of vagueness and wishful thinking. Everyone is going to die at some point. There are people being shaken because of having to testify and legal issues – y’know, all the lying, nasty assholes who colluded with Russia to get the Tiny Tyrant elected. You have the wrong group, Mr. Taylor. You need to look closer to your political home, rather than attempting to point a minatory finger at former presidents who did a spot of good works. As one very creative person in Hawaii put on their sign: MAGA: Many Are Getting Arrested.

RWW has the story.

Facepalms Abound.

Oh, all the Religious Reich is getting het up, over this, that, and everything. One hissy fit after another. I’ve chosen two for now, Bryan Fischer and Jim Bakker. Bryan Fischer is one nasty piece of work, a tremendously poisonous and hate filled person. Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall attracted Fischer and those like him, as Marshall was running against Danica Roem, a transgender woman. [Danica Roem won, YES!] Marshall took the time on election day to call into Fischer’s program.

“I’m asking your listeners to pray the prayer that King David did when his son Absalom was in rebellion,” Marshall said. “He prayed that his counselor would not give solid advice. We need to, one, proceed first with prayer, then thought, then action. You can’t be a sideline Christian and think you’re going to keep your rights in a society that’s becoming ever more secular every day.”

Aww, guess the prayin’ didn’t work. How, exactly, does a person who happens to be transgender interfere with your rights? How, exactly, does that interfere with you being a christian of any flavour? I can’t stand you self-righteous, hateful assholes with your hypocritical piety, but I’m not going around announcing my rights are being taken away because you exist. Anymore, I find myself thinking that the monastic system is ripe for a big comeback – let us fund monasteries, a monastery for everyone! You can have family monasteries, monasteries for men, for women, for all the different flavours of fanaticism christianity. Then we would see if you’d put your money where your mouth is, and you would all retire from this evil world and concentrate on the next life, which is what is supposed to matter more to christians. I’d be happy to help fund monasteries, if it would get you immoral idiots where you belong, on your knees and out of the way. No more television. No more internet. No more newspapers. No more politics. Nope, just concentrating on how well you’ll do in the next life. (You’ll have to pardon me, I’m doing a great deal of monastic reading right now.)

I’d be willing to bet not one of you, not a single one, would take up a monastic life. You’re addicted to your wealth and you crave power so much, it consumes you. The mere fact that other people exist does not infringe on your rights in any way. If you feel that other people existing does infringe on your rights as a person, then really, a monastery is where you need to be, because you are not capable of being a good member of society.

The full mess is at RWW.

On to Jim Bakker, who is throwing yet another fit:

“Trump is not crazy,” Bakker bellowed. “They want him to be crazy because they want to impeach him. There is nothing they can impeach him over because this thing with the collusion with Russia they can’t prove, but they want to say this man is crazy. They’re trying to get doctors to say the president is crazy.”

No, Trump isn’t crazy. He is a malignant narcissist, which is not a good thing. As for the collusion with Russia, well that is being proved, Jim, every day. More and more proof is just piling up. There are a lot of people concerned about the Tiny Tyrant’s mental state, beyond his being a fucking moron, many of those concerned are those who make up his staff, and work with him every day. The Tiny Tyrant is bad enough, we don’t need a repeat of Reagan’s Alzheimer years.

“I’ll tell you what,” he continued. “If they go through with that, there will be a riot in the United States of America and you’re going to find little old ladies rioting, you’re going to find the church people out rioting because they’re not going to take it any more. This is stupid and insanity what is going on in our country right now.”

Really? Who cares? Just so I have this right, protesting, if done by anyone interested in social justice, is wrong and immoral, but rioting is wonderful and moral if done by christians. Just be sure to conduct your riot on the sidewalks, because blocking the streets is really, really wrong and terrible. Oh right, unless it’s done by christians. Are you going to set fire to your churches? That might be entertaining. I do agree there’s much stupid going on these days, most of it is sitting like a lump in the white house, and the rest of it are all the sitting lumps of his base, including you, Mr. Bakker.

RWW has video of the tantrum.

The War on Giftmas Begins.

The AFA (American Family Association) has already begun working on their annual  manufactured war on xmas.

This Christmas season I am asking our AFA family to stand for the Christian faith by wearing and sharing our new “Keep Christ in Christmas” wristband. These wristbands are great conversation starters. In fact, I want to send you a wristband absolutely free just for asking. We also invite you to order more wristbands (at discounted prices) to share with your friends and family or even your entire church. And since they are so inexpensive, you’ll want to give one to anyone who asks about them.

Oh, that FREE business, always comes with a catch, doesn’t it. It’s getting to be that it’s quite rare to find christians without a hand being held out for money.

You might ask why we think this is an important battle. Well, secular liberals in our nation are bent on minimizing and even removing any mention of Christianity from the public square. And no other time of the year reminds people of Jesus Christ and America’s Christian heritage more than the Christmas season. For this reason, politically correct forces want to use their influence to distance our culture from anything that would remind people of the Savior – even Christmas.

You can mention christianity all you want, I’m not obligated to listen. This is not a christian country, it’s a secular one. Or it’s supposed to be, anyway. Keep your religion out of government and publicly funded institutions, and I don’t really give a fuck what you blather on about. I’m also not interested in distancing anyone, while I am interested in being as inclusive as possible. Might be nice if you folks just spit out the truth of the matter – you want to be exclusive and divisive. Lovely holiday sentiments, I’m sure. Every year, people say ‘Merry Xmas’ to me, and I reply with a cheerful ‘Merry Giftmas’, which always gets a laugh. Most people aren’t terribly hung up about it, and exchange and express all manner of greetings with good cheer and acceptance. If there’s anything which defies the notion of a loving god, it’s christian assholes who invent nonsensical ‘wars’ and snarl at anyone who lets slip with a ‘happy holidays’, ‘season’s greetings’, or ‘merry solstice’. Truly, holiday greetings are no skin off your collective noses.

Every year, when this bullshit surfaces, it’s always explained, every.single.time. that good, bible believin’ christians shouldn’t be celebrating xmas anyway. Personally, I don’t care if you do, but when you’re celebrating the same commercial and traditional stuff (trees, decorations, gifts, Santa, all that) as everyone else, you hardly have the high road, y’know.

And as you request your free wristband or order more, please remember that your prayers and financial contributions keep AFA in the battle to restore Christian values in America.

Yes, I knew money was going to be mentioned again.

May God bless you and your family during this wonderful time of year as we celebrate the God who came to earth as a child.

No. Even if you want to posit that Jesus was real and all that, the little tyke wasn’t born in December, and not on the 25th. That was just the church co-opting other festivals and rites. You’re celebrating the Winter Solstice and Saturnalia. So Happy Solstice Celebrations to you!

Via AFA. There’s video, if you wish.

Sunday Facepalm.

Synonyms for rough language: obloquy, scurrility, vulgarity, revilement, abuse, invective, ribaldry, abusive language, reviling, scurrilousness.

Oh, there’s no end to the defenders of the Great Vulgarian™. This time around, it’s Mary Colbert, who makes the case for the Tiny Tyrant’s rough language.

Colbert said that Christians who oppose Trump because of his use of “rough language” must also “have a problem with Jesus because he spoke to the Pharisees and Sadducees and said, ‘You vipers, you snakes.’ He referred to Herod as a fox and then there is the account of the woman he called a dog. So if you want to find offense, you’ll find offense in anything.”

Oh look, someone in the bible isn’t consistent, what a shocker. Yes, Jesus was often an asshole, and easily irritated, to say the least. That shouldn’t make being an asshole an admirable thing. From Mark 7:

7:25 For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet:
7:26 The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter.
7:27 But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.
7:28 And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.
7:29 And he said unto her, For this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter.

That’s right shitty behaviour, but it’s also not “grab them by the pussy”, and it certainly doesn’t justify Trump in any way.

Colbert said that Trump “is a man of his word, he says what he means and he means what he says.

No. Just no. Trump is not a “man of his word” at all, in any fashion. He spews shit, turns right around and denies spewing shit, spews different shit, lather, rinse repeat. Trump is also quite well known for going back on his word when it comes to things like paying employees or his bills. Trump doesn’t mean what he says, he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what he means, he just brays, and if he thinks at all about what he said, it’s after he’s vomited words all over the place. As for “means what he says”, is that like the whole healthcare and wall business? Because he didn’t get very far with that nonsense, did he?

Well, what character does that imitate? Who is that? God. God says what He means and He means what He says, so I believe that God saw in the character of Donald Trump a fighter.”

:chokes on tea: Jehovah is one of the most awful, evil, psychopathic characters ever invented. The Tiny Tyrant is an awful, evil, amoral narcissist. Yeah, okay, it’s a good fit, but that doesn’t make it right. Trump is not ‘god’, and he’s not emperor, and he’s not specially chosen.

“The church has had its butt kicked for the last 100 years,” Colbert said, adding that God chose a brawler like Trump because He knew that America could not survive with a “mamsy-wamsy, love and peace kind of a president.”

The ‘church’ needs its collective arse kicked a whole lot more. Seems to me that uStates could really do with a mamsy-wamsy, love and peace kind of a president. A real president, one who knows how to do the job, and doesn’t think pursuing peace, inclusivity, and justice is stupid. I’d be good with that. I’d certainly be happier with that than a madman always eyeballing nukes.

The full story and video is at RWW.