Closing Shop.

Sorry, folks, closing shop for a couple of days. I’ll be back on Sunday, Vala & I have work to do. The open thread will be open, as always, and I hope you all have a very nice Friday & Saturday. I’ll leave you with a bit of music. Until Sunday.

© C. Ford.

Joe Cocker – Let’s Go Get Stoned. Have a good one, people!



  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Have a good weekend. I’ll be cleaning out part of a closet, stuff that can’t be donated or recycled, so to the garbage bin.

  2. jimb says

    Have a good weekend. I’m hoping to get the new laptop up and running after managing to crack the screen on the previous one (idiot).

  3. says

    My thanks, Anne & Nerd.

    Jim, oh my sympathies. We’ve had two cracked screens recently. At the NoDAPL camp, Rick set his laptop on a chair, had to chase one of the dogs down, got back, and I yelled, but it was too late -- sat on it. Got a new screen and replaced it though. I have a gigantic Asus all in one, which I managed to crack with a fly swatter. That required windshield repair stuff. Good luck!

    Thanks, Patricia! Y’know, I’d love to have your girls feature on a Raturday anytime.

    Waves to Marcus, yep, art!

  4. jimb says

    Well, looks like your weekend was more successful than mine. Basically wasted the weekend trying something that ended up not working, so basically back at square one. Which is OK, just need to install the programs I need and bring over the data from the backup.

    But sometimes I end up trying to be *too* smart and it backfires.

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    My heart dropped when I saw the title of this post. I thought that you were closing up shop permanently.

    So well done you!

    For freaking me out!

  6. says

    Raucous Indignation, sorry about that! If I ever decide to close Affinity, I’ll be considerably more clear, as in ‘fuck this for a lark’.

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