Our Fearless Leader Is…

President Barack Obama. Whitehouse.gov.

President Barack Obama. Whitehouse.gov.

Yep. Former President Obama is leading the current ‘rebellion’. Just him.

On his radio program yesterday, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles lamented that America has become so polarized and the rhetoric has become so poisonous that it seems to be impossible for people to put aside their differences and come together anymore … and it is all Barack Obama’s fault.

Wiles said that for most of America history, people might occasionally get worked up around election time, but then “when it was over, we were all friends again … We didn’t argue for four years and you didn’t get angry that your side [lost.]”

I hope you all weren’t drinking anything. If you were, I apologize for you almost choking. Did fundamentalist christian loons ever shut up about losing? Did republicans? Because I certainly don’t remember anything like “good show, let’s all be friends, then blessed silence.” As the good people at RWW note, Mr. Wiles was rather noisy:

Wiles, who spent the entire Obama administration relentlessly attacking Obama as “a devil from hell” and a “forerunner of the Antichrist” and “the Adolf Hitler of the third world war” and “the most racist man to ever occupy the White House,” blamed the breakdown in civility entirely on Obama.

That seems a tad angry, Mr. Wiles. Guess you’re not one of those good loser types.

“The presidents that we were electing were not enemies of the nation,” Wiles said. “We had not had an enemy of the nation until Barack Obama, who was a foreigner. He was not an American, he was a foreigner.”

Interesting that, given the Tiny Tyrant’s rounding up of everyone they deem remotely suspicious of being “unamerican” and ejecting them, that no one has gone knocking on Pres. Obama’s door. He’s still here, Mr. Wiles, like most other citizens.

“Barack Obama has poisoned the American society,” he added. “We didn’t have this kind of racial hatred before Obama. I’ve never seen this kind of racial hatred in my life. Never. He poisoned our society and he did it deliberately to start a civil war. He’s just a paid thug. We need to know who he works for. But he’s a thug. He’s paid to start a revolution and I’m telling you folks, if you could get inside of Obama’s house, you would quickly discover that all day long he’s orchestrating the revolt across the nation. He’s on the phone, he’s working it, he’s calling his people and he is telling them what to do. He is totally in charge of this rebellion. This is a rebellion and Obama is leading it.”

There just aren’t words. Or too many words for this current dreck doing the rounds. “This was never a racist nation, no!” Either these people are truly from another universe, whacked out on some very good stuff, honestly delusional, or just vile, poisonous, toxic wastes of space, with a taste for oppression and torture. I know what my pick would be.

And what I wouldn’t give to have Pres. Obama back.

Via RWW.


  1. busterggi says

    I remember the warm welcoming ceremony the Repubes in congress held for Obama -- the Klan and Nazis did security service free of charge.

  2. says

    If rebellions and revolutions are automatically bad, then, umm… Welcome back to the British Empire, folks, Your new governor, a Mr Boris Johnson, will be along shortly. Sorry.

    Also: Caine, my mail client [screenshot] appears to think you and PZ are having a discussion about The Great Orange One.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    This looks like a manifestation of a thing we’ve been seeing in the UK for the past 15 months or so -- the sore winner. It’s strange, and I’ve not seen anything much like it in my lifetime. Is there a historical precedent?

    The general pattern is: right wing nutjob, used to being ridiculed (and, I suspect, knowing deep inside that they deserve it) takes up a position on one side of an issue (e.g. the UK MUST leave the EU, Trump MUST be President not that crooked woman, etc.). They don’t expect to win, in fact, like fundamentalist Christians, they actually seem to prefer being persecuted losers. And then, to their apparent bafflement, they win.

    And this doesn’t change their rhetoric one bit. They still bluster and whine and bleat like they were on the losing side, like those nasty lefties won and are in charge and are practically ushering them into gas chambers or something. And some lefties try to actually argue with them on the issues, which just makes them scream more. And some lefties take my preferred option of simply pointing out “dude, you won, what are you moaning about?” -- to which the answer generally comes back along the lines of “yes, we won, but we can’t get on with our job of sending ’em all back where they came from/building a wall/destroying everything nice, not while you’re talking so loudly, so why can’t you just SHUT UP AND NEVER EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS IN PUBLIC EVER AGAIN???//??”

    It’s pathetic.

  4. mostlymarvelous says

    And what I wouldn’t give to have Pres. Obama back.

    And -- to make matters worse -- Hillary Clinton is now giving interviews with a fairly concentrated effect of look-what-you-missed-out-on.

    The Orange Orator must be kicking himself -- how wrong could I be, he’d be looking for someone else to blame -- that he didn’t think to send the Navy’s hospital ship, urgently, to Puerto Rico before she went public asking why on earth it hadn’t been sent already. Just watching her talk about how best to cope with North Korea and its leader is seriously depressing. You may find it remarkable but she doesn’t mention tweeting as part of the overall strategy.

  5. rietpluim says

    Hurricanes? Obama!
    Earthquakes? Obama!
    Race tensions? Obama!
    Homosexuality? Obama!
    Lost your keys? Obama!

    No matter what, blame it on Obama!!

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