A list of 100 things liberals hate about America.

I mentioned this list of stupid by Michael Snyder the other day, and it does leave people with an itch to respond thoroughly, so, the big list of stupid. Feel free to expand or leave your own answers or peeves about any or all of it. As noted previously, the list is obviously, desperately padded, because Michael really couldn’t think of much more than 5 things, but “A list of 5 things liberals hate about America” isn’t terribly catchy. A good portion of this is going below the fold, because this is going to get long. Very long.

1.  The U.S. Constitution

I don’t hate the constitution. I don’t worship the damn thing, either. I do think it is superannuated, and in dire need of rewriting. A good deal of it was written with the interests of the ruling classes and slave owners in mind, and that shit needs to go. The nonsense about militias needs to go, as well, as it was to protect slave owners.

2. Liberty

Uh … I’m fine with liberty. No problem at all.

3. Freedom

Yeah, you know, don’t you, that liberty and freedom mean the same thing? Maybe I was wrong about that ‘five things’ business.

4. Success

No problem here, I court the fickle lady of success. I don’t want success at any cost, however, and my personal principles and ethics keep me on track. Sometimes, that’s a shame, because in so many cases, it would be so eeeeaaasy to take advantage of gullible right wingers.

5. Big Trucks

What are we talking here? Semis? They’re needed for transport, and while I wish there were better methods of transport, eh, not something I get all frothy about. Now, if we’re talking monster trucks and SUVs, yeah, I have a problem with them, as in most of them are not fucking needed by the jackasses driving them, they pollute and increase dependence on fossil fuels. Smart cars and bicycles for everyone!

6. Capitalism

I don’t like capitalism gone amok, like it has here in uStates. Most everything is more important than money. Don’t get me wrong, I like money, I keep chasing it, trying to convince I would give it a very good home. That said, the pursuit of money to the exclusion of all else is a formula for a rotting society, and that’s what we are seeing right now.

7. Free Markets

Oh, aarrggh, blecch. People who parrot ‘free market’ generally don’t have the slightest fucking idea of what they are talking about, witness all the witless libertarians tossing this about as if they were erudite. Tell you what, Michael, when you can prove, to my satisfaction, that you understand what free market means in the wider context of economics, we can talk.

8. Wealthy People

Okay, you almost have something here. I don’t hate any of them, but I’ll cop to despising and loathing. Filthy rich people tend to be plain filthy, in respect to ethics or principles. They freely indulge in their hatred of the masses, and they will fuck any and all over in the name of another thin dime to add to their pockets. Yes, there is the occasional filthy rich person who manages to hang onto things like sense and empathy, but they are a rare breed. Filthy rich people tend to all come to one end: their money leads them to an addiction to power.

9. Economic Prosperity

Oh, FFS, how many of these are we going to have? I’m pretty sure most people, including myself, enjoy economic prosperity. That said, you don’t get that when you’re busy funneling all available monies into the pockets of filthy rich people and corporations.

10. The Rule of Law

Oh, do I sense a lover of technicality here? Laws are fine. Well, most of them. Many of them are in dire need of revisiting and rewriting. Laws might be important, but justice is more important, every time.

11. Traditional Values

Oooh, score one for you, Michael. I have no use for “traditional values”, because there is no such thing when it comes to uStates. This is just a phrase used here to enable your bigotry and hatred. All manner of peoples have traditional values, and they vary from one people to the next. That sort of thing is fine for the most part, like traditional arts, but that’s not what you mean. What it means when you say it is “let’s go straight back to the 1950s, and never ever budge. White people are bestest, there are no genders outside binary, only heterosexuality, abstinence until marriage, all non-white people to the back of the bus, and no commies!” Of course, that 1950s never fucking existed, but you love to pretend it did. Fuck you and fuck your “traditional values”. You wouldn’t know a value if it ripped your face off.

12. The American Flag

I don’t have a whole lot of use for flags in general. They are nice to look at, and sometimes I really do like them. I don’t hate the American Flag, but I don’t profess to love it, either. It’s a fucking flag, nothing more. A symbol. I have no use for in rethuglican christian terms, where it’s an object of veneration, a paean to jingoism and hypocrisy.

13. The Founding Fathers

Yeah, they’re dead. *shrug* The ‘founding fathers’ were genocidal thieves, and no, I have no illusions about them, nor any respect. They were slave owners and the wealthy class, who felt they were owed, and of course, it was only right those rich white fellas ruled. Why, in rethug christian eyes, is it a crime to see things for how they actually were, rather than being all misty-eyed over a myth?

14. Guns

Chalk up another score, Michael! Yes, I loathe guns. I know some people like them, but that’s no excuse for having a whole society based on having guns, guns, guns! Every single day, there’s one or more stories about more people dying by a gun. No matter how hard you try to spin it, there aren’t people being saved by people with guns, you just have people dying. Gun fondlers are the worst of the worst, with their undying fantasies of playing hero. It’s past godsdamn time that this lost country grew the fuck up, in spite of all the tantrum toddlers residing here.

15. Limited Government

Oh gods. Back the libertarian bullshit, I see. Right. This is just buzzwords for whatever bullshit you’re trying to sell. You don’t want limited government, you simply don’t want one at all.

16. Religious Freedom

Ohhh, the big bugbear! You have religious freedom, you fucking doucheweasel. Y’know how you types constantly whine about this, that, and the other being shoved down your throat? That’s how I feel about you. You’re free to worship your imaginary psychopath, but please, keep him in your pocket, I don’t want anything to do with it. Religious freedom does not mean “christianity must rule!”, even though that’s how you interpret it.

17. Homeschooling

I think homeschooling, when it’s done right, is great. I do take issue with religious nutbags homeschooling, because they are denying their children an education.

18. Private Schools

Eh, who the fuck cares? If you want to pay a premium to hand your kid over to sadistic assholes, have at it. (Yeah, I was stuck in a Catholic private school for 8 years.) That said, private schools should not be forced on anyone, and the voucher system is a fucking joke.

19. Christian Schools

Um, wasn’t this just covered by #18? Christian schools are a travesty, because they don’t educate. They inculcate.

20. Entrepreneurs

Doesn’t this one go back to success and wealthy people? Already covered.

21. Ronald Reagan

*Snort* I lived through the Reagan years. There was nothing to love there, a bloodthirsty war-mongerer who pandered to the rich, and hated most everyone else.

22. Donald Trump

Oh gods. I’m going in to town today, I do not have the time here. Yes, I loathe the fucking asshole.

23. Mike Pence

Oh gods. I’m going in to town today, I do not have the time here. Yes, I loathe the fucking asshole.

24. Country Music

You seem to have a real problem with the whole country music thing. I don’t care if you like it, but it’s not my cuppa tea. You probably don’t like darkwave. Who gives a fuck?

25. Rush Limbaugh

Can you spell hypocrite? Yeah, I have no use for him whatsoever. That said, there’s no hate, I can honestly say he never crosses my mind unless someone brings him up. Isn’t he irrelevant these days?

26. The Tea Party

Oh gods. I’m going in to town today, I do not have the time here. Yes, I loathe the fucking assholes. The tea business is long over. Things have moved on. Get to the current century one of these days.

27. Lower Taxes

Oh forchrissakes. Who wouldn’t love lower taxes. Here’s the thing though, in uStates, only the wealthy get that one. That said, I’m fine with paying a higher rate of tax in the interests of having a healthy, thriving population, with solid safety nets in place for all people. I’d prefer to pay a higher tax to ensure that all people have enough to eat every day, have a roof over their head, healthcare, and a good education.

28. Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs

What do you have against really really really old fashioned light bulbs? Why do you hate gas lamps? Huh? Jesus Fuck, this is beyond stupid.

29. Jesus

Jesus is a myth. No, I don’t care that there might have been an itinerant preacher wandering around way back then that might have been a model of sorts. I don’t care if you take Jesus to bed every night, just keep me out of it.

30. The Bible

Unlike most christians, I’ve actually read the bible. More than one version, more than one language. It’s a bad pastiche of made up crap, a handbook on how to be a proper psychopath. Full of genocide, murder, theft, and rape. Yeah, I have no use for it.

31. The Christian Faith

I don’t have much use for it, and I really don’t like a lot people who profess said faith. If you people ever manage to unify all the splintery bits of christianity, and come to one agreed upon faith, let me know, then we can take this up again.

32. The Drudge Report

Y’know, I’m barely aware of this at all, so no hate.

33. John Wayne

*Laughs* What are we talking here? The John Wayne of movies, or the man himself? I met him, when I was part of the catering staff at a party he was throwing. He was a fucking asshole.

34. Alex Jones

I can’t claim to hate him, but I do sincerely wish he’d shut the fuck up. At this point, he’s made himself look so absurd, I have a hard time believing anyone can take him seriously.


I don’t hate nascar, but I’m not part of the cult, either.

36. Tupperware

Wait … what? I, um, okay, completely lost here. Tupperware is great, but I haven’t seen the stuff since I was young. What with much cheaper stuff available, without the whole tupperware party business, it’s easier to go with the cheaper stuff.

37. Big Cheeseburgers

I have nothing against a cheeseburger. I might even eat one once a year or so.

38. Football

I hate the football worship in this country. It’s a fucking game, it should not be that important, nor should it be sucking all the money out of education.

39. Clint Eastwood

Uh … no. I think he’s a fool, but I don’t hate him. He’s yet another old white man, with his brain stuck in another century.

4o. The Army

41. The Navy

42. The Marines

43. The Air Force

… No, I don’t hate any of them. I don’t like the military system in uStates, it sucks up waaaaay too much money, to say the least. A healthy society should not be military based.

44. Ron Paul

45. Rand Paul

… I don’t hate them. I do wish they’d shut the fuck up.

46. Marriage

If I hated marriage, I wouldn’t be married myself. I’m fine with marriage, and I’m so fine with it, I think everyone should be able to marry! Yes, I know that’s not what you meant.

47. Family

Eh, family. Some families are good, some families are toxic. Not something easily generalized.

48. Babies

Well, I have no use for the squalling sproglets, but I don’t hate them.

49. Wal-Mart

I don’t like Wal-Mart. So, you know what I do? I don’t shop there.

50. Flag Pins

I love little enamel pins! I don’t much care for the flag pins as worn, because they are an advertisement of bloated hypocrisy and hateful jingoism.

51. Steakhouses

Erm…no? What steakhouse are you talking about here? Some are better than others.

52. Chuck Norris

I can’t say I have much use for a person who said I deserved a bullet to the head for being an atheist. I don’t hate him though, I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know him.

53. Bottled Water

Uh…wtf? Bottled water is fine, but it is not a substitute for clean, running household water. The less dependence on bottle water, the better, because plastic.

54. George Washington

Jesus Fuck. Didn’t this get covered under founding fathers?

55. The 1st Amendment

56. The 2nd Amendment

57. The 10th Amendment

… Covered under the constitution, you fucking idiot.

58. The Pledge of Allegiance

I have no use for it. A jingoistic bit of shite.

59. McDonald’s

I have no use for them. Another dishonest corporation with a shit product. Do I care if you like them? No.

60. Coca-Cola

Another wtf. I don’t care about most soft drinks, I don’t usually drink them. I have had the occasional coke though, so that would be a no.

61. Fried Food

Uh, no? I don’t eat a lot of fried food, but I indulge now and then.

62. Muscle Cars

I have a 1971 El Camino. And I have had many a muscle car in my life. I love them, but I’ve cut down, because it’s the right thing to do.

63. Charlie Daniels

He’s a ditz of a creationist, but hardly relevant in any way, so no, no hate.

64. Dolly Parton

Uh, fine singer, was great in 9 to 5, so that would be a no hate I guess.

65. Duck Dynasty

I find that idiocy to be more laughable than anything else. That said, I’ve never seen the show.

66. Johnny Cash

Nope. I like Johnny Cash.

67. Sarah Palin

She’s a compleat twit. No, I don’t hate her, but I do dislike her attempts to get back into the spotlight.

68. Cheesesteaks

I’ve never had one (don’t shoot me!), but if I had the opportunity to have a for realz one, I’d take it.

69. Sean Hannity

Yes, I despise him. A toxic gasbag.

70. Rodeos

Uh, another wtf here. I don’t care about them one way or another.

71. Cadillacs

Not sure why I’m supposed to specifically hate caddies. I don’t.

72. Barbie Dolls

Yes, I hate Barbie Dolls. They promote toxic sexuality and stereotypes and add to the general pool of misogyny.

73. Ted Cruz

Cruz gives me the “eeeeuuuuws” all over. He’s slimy and smarmy and stupid, and no, I don’t like him.

74. Fiscal Sanity

You define this first, then I’ll get back to you. Pretty sure I hate your idea of it.

75. Charlton Heston

*Snort* Another old white dude with an atrophied brain. He’s a laughingstock.

76. Israel

77. Benjamin Netanyahu

… I don’t hate either. That said, no religious sentiment is an excuse for attempted genocide and theft of land.

78. Miners

Er, uh, fuck no, what is wrong with you? Mining is over, that does not mean I hate people who work in them.

79. Loggers

Oh FFS. No. I do support sustainable wood. I do not support clear cutting, which is fucking evil.

80. The Coal Industry

Sigh. This is getting fucking old. Coal, also over. Drag yourself into the current century, please.

81. National Sovereignty

What in the fuck do you mean by this one? I don’t think you know what you mean. More jingoistic crap, I suppose. Or do you mean that ‘America First’ bullshit? Yes, I hate the ‘America First’ bullshit. Because it’s fucking bullshit.

82. National Borders

We have borders. They’ve been working just fine all this time.

83. Uncle Sam

There is no Uncle Sam, it’s just propaganda. No, I’m not a fan of jingoistic propaganda. It’s for stupid people.

84. The Washington Redskins

You’re conflating an athletic team with the name, which is wrong, offensive, and evil.

85. Small Businesses

I am a small business! I love small business. Why do you hate them, with your support of the filthy rich and corporations?

86. Self-Employment

I am self-employed! I love self-employment! Why do you hate self-employment, with your support of the filthy rich and corporations?

87. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Uh oh. I guess I better get rid of the one in my garage.

88. Military Veterans

I don’t hate veterans, never have. That does not make me a fan of wars, especially manufactured, unnecessary ones.

89. The Phrase “Islamic Terror”

I don’t hate the phrase. Can’t say I much like the idiots who bandy it about. Especially as those same idiots can’t ever manage to choke out the phrases “Christian Terror” or “Domestic Terror”.

90. Big Families

Are we talking the Quiverfull shit? Because that I don’t like, no. That said, it’s not the fault of the children.

91. The Bible Belt

No, I don’t hate any geographic area. I probably have quite a few bones to pick with the inhabitants, though.

92. The Creation Museum

It’s hard to hate something which invites rich mockery, it’s a bloody joke.

93. The 10 Commandments

Why do hate The Beatitudes, Michael? Much better than the commandments. Anyroad, I don’t care about them, but ostentatiously displaying them on taxpayer funded properties is not okay. I hate to break this to you, but lots of people aren’t christian.

94. Anyone That Is Pro-Life

I don’t hate individuals. I do indeed loathe the ideology.

95. Anyone Who Disagrees With Them

Uh, I’ll admit to being lost here. Anyone who disagrees with pro-life people? Generally, I’m good with pro-choice people.

96. Hard Work

*Snort* Go fuck yourself, Mr. List. Probably the easiest, laziest job on the planet, and you can’t even come up with a decent list. I work my ass off, every. single. day. So do most people. I do note that rethuglicans aren’t good at working at all. I also note that many christians have found themselves a cushy berth of bilking people in lieu of working.

97. Patriotism

I have no use for patriotism whatsoever, and yes, I do loathe jingoistic assholes.

98. Winning

What do you mean here? Winning at Scrabble? I love that. The Trump style of ‘winning’ by being a mobbed up con artist? Yeah, I hate that.

99. The Truth

I love the truth! I work my ass off, every. single. day. to spread the truth! Facts, too!

100. The American People

I am an American People. I don’t hate myself. I don’t know every single American Person, but I expect I’d be good with most of them. Oh, I know one American Person I don’t like! Michael Snyder, who seriously sucks at lists.

Via RWW.  And with this, I’m off to town today! Gonna get a new bicycle. :D


  1. oualawouzou says

    Hey! Tupperwares work *much* better than the cheap stuff for sale at the corner store! :p

  2. Saad says

    So many of those I don’t even think about. But now that I think about them, I supposed I do dislike some of them.

    Didn’t know I was supposed to hate Cadillacs.

  3. Onamission5 says

    I’m frankly baffled by #64, the claim that liberals hate Dolly Parton. The woman has been a gay icon for at least three decades. Ditto the bafflement at #66-- Johnny Cash is, at least as I understood him 20+ years ago, largely considered to be the first unofficial punk rocker.

  4. Siobhan says

    Tempted to write a parody titled “A List of 100 Things Conservatives Hate About Liberals.”

    Of course, Conservatives might take me seriously.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    On #28, why don’t we go back to burning wooden splints as lighting. One has to put a bowl of water under them to catch the falling embers. Conservatives can use bottled water if they so wish.

  6. C.M. Stone says

    Like Onamission noted, Dolly Parton is a very supportive gay icon. And as W. Kamau Bell observed in his Ending Racism in About an Hour one man show: “country music = the blues – slavery”. The fact that intolerant regressives like to co-opt everything they possibly can and claim it for themselves doesn’t mean the rest of us hate it. There’s plenty of country music that’s fine, plenty to be enjoyed in a rodeo, plenty to be enjoyed about… cheese… burgers?

    The fuck.

  7. says

    Snyder shouldn’t like Eastwood either. If Eastwood is Christian it’s only in the most wishwashy, “I only go to church for weddings and funerals,” mainstream way. He’s had multiple affairs during his two marriages, and has lived out of wedlock with several women. And he apparently practices Transcendental Meditation, which Snyder probably figures is demonic or something.

  8. Usernames! 🦑 says

    You don’t want limited government, you simply don’t want one at all.

    Like any rebellious teenager (or adult whose emotional maturity is that of a teen), they don’t want anyone telling them what to do. Screw your rules, man!

    Like any rebellious teenager (or adult whose emotional maturity is that of a teen), they don’t get that without a well-functioning government, Life As We Know it would not be possible. See, for example, Somalia, Chad, Sudan or any of the other countries on the Libertarian Paradise Index.

  9. Tethys says

    I see it is write a clickbait article bashing liberals again today. This list is slightly more ridiculous than most, but the common themes I’ve read in MSM news the last 12 hours are, resistors are somehow emotionally out of countrol/obsessed with russia/haters/undermining their movement by mocking the incompetent one.

    I’m quite fond of Johnny Cash, and his brand of old time rockabilly/blues country music. Not a fan of much current stuff, but that is also true of pop music. The men in cowboy hats all seem interchangable to me. . Tupperware being on that list makes zero sense, why would anyone hate high quality plastic storage products? It is located in Fargo, ND and you can order it online.

  10. kestrel says

    Wow. I, too, am impressed you made it all the way through which is amazing. I could not do it without adding #101: this list.

    And wtf is up with the idea that every last farmer or rancher is a conservative member of the Regressive party? Wrong, wrong, wrongity-wrong. We’re all farmers or ranchers in my neck of the woods and we do NOT vote Regressive. Just *one* of the reasons our governor hates us so much. And yes, I have a big truck, I can drive a tractor, I know the difference between a combine and a harrow, I raise livestock **and** I have listened to C&W. List dude, you are fighting a straw man here. Give it up, you are losing.

  11. militantagnostic says

    have a 1971 El Camino.

    According to Southern Culture on the Skids, it is the mullet of muscle cars.

    With regard to rodeo, I don’t like watching people torment farm animals for sport.

    I generally don’t like country music (except for Corb Lund and Ian Tyson) but I do like most of Johnny Cash’s stuff -- especially his version of Rusty Cage.

  12. says

    According to Southern Culture on the Skids, it is the mullet of muscle cars.

    And I would care about that, why?

  13. Feline says

    Being yon actual European socialist I’m rather more similar to his caricature than an American liberal, and I’m sure that I have some slightly more extreme opinions than yours (not calling you an American liberal, mind you), but your “hate how?” response is pretty much how it is.
    But I must wonder if what’s-his-face, Mr. Snyder, supported the American War of Dethroning Hussein (And Fuckem Forevermore), given number 81 (for those curious: The purported reason of the war was violation of UN Resolution 1441, although to the best of my knowledge there were no such actual violation. However, the preamble of said resolution included respecting the sovereignty of the signatory states, which included Iraq. And because of this, Dubya’s statements of intending to dispose Saddam Hussein by this war was an actual violation of the resolution).

  14. chuckonpiggott says

    I love muscle cars. Can’t beat any ’60s Mopar car. No problem with Johnny Cash actually have a very old album w/ John Denver and Johnny Cash. You tube videos of his variety TV show are great.
    How did you make it through this list? How did I make it through this list?
    Snyder is a fool.

  15. Jessie Harban says

    I get the impression that he basically made a list of “100 things conservatives worship” and then just assumed liberals must necessarily hate them.

  16. chigau (違う) says

    and also
    how are Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu things to hate about America?
    the ten commandments?

  17. militantagnostic says

    And I would care about that, why?

    No reason -- they did a song called 69 El Camino. I saw a restored El Camino recently and realized that I have not seen one for a long time, although I see a lot of restored muscle cars -- I drive to work (in Canmore, just outside of Banff National Park) Saturday Sunday and Monday on the Trans Canada Highway or if I leave early enough, the 1A through the Nakoda Reservation. There is a Poutine place in the industrial district where I work that is a muscle car magnet. The Trans Canada and the 1A make a popular loop between Calgary and the mountains.

  18. w00dview says

    Wow, this is seriously padded out. Tupperware, really? Who has strong opinions about Tupperware?!

    Also it is quite obvious that he just put in stuff he personally likes (Johnny Cash, cheeseburgers, Harley Davidson motorbikes) and because the American Reactionary is so very very tribal must have thought that ANYTHING he likes Liberals HAVE to despise. No, does not work like that.

    Shit, maybe I should do a list of things conservatives hate and just fill it with random stuff I like. After all it is well known that all conservatives hate Super Mario Bros, listening to the rain outside while you are snuggled up in bed, Radiohead, pancakes with nutella spread on them and birdwatching.

  19. lumipuna says

    Ice Swimmer: Conservatives only started using light bulbs after burning all their splints at Obama’s election.

    (Sorry, Finnish idiom joke)

  20. emergence says

    I think you can sum up the items on this list into a few distinct categories;

    1. Things liberals are justified in disliking because they’re horrible toxic bullshit.
    2. Things that liberals actually like, but conservatives don’t know that because they have cartoon straw man versions of liberals in their heads.
    3. Loaded items that liberals like in principle but the author says we dislike because his personal definitions are loaded with horrible toxic bullshit that liberals rightly dislike.
    4. Things that liberals usually have complicated feelings about, liking some parts and disliking others, but conservatives assume we hate them because conservatives are incapable of grasping nuanced positions.
    5. Pointless redundant entries that just exist to pad the list out.
    6. Things that are pointless to criticize someone for hating.

    Some of the entries in category 3, like “freedom”, “winning”, or “the truth” aren’t included to actually criticize any tangible aspect of progressive values. They’re generic positive concepts that everyone claims to love and claims that their ideological opponents hate, regardless of their worldview. And then there’s criticizing people for disliking people who don’t agree with them. It’s inevitable that you’re going to dislike people who disagree with you on certain issues, usually because you’re talking about contentious political or social issues with a heavy moral or emotional component to them.

  21. Dunc says

    The concept was originally “1 Thing Liberals Hate About America: America“, but he had a word count to hit.

  22. says

    chuckonpiggot @ 19:

    I love muscle cars. Can’t beat any ’60s Mopar car.

    Oh gods, yes. I miss my Mopars! *sob*

  23. Onamission5 says

    I think the Tupperware thing is either a reference to widespread criticism of MLM’s, or to pre-2010 Tupperware containing BPA, or both. Either that or it’s a claim that liberals don’t save leftovers?

  24. cherbear says

    We don’t save leftovers because we don’t cook. We just go out to our cute artsy cafes, order 100.00 avocado toasts to avoid saving money for a down payment for a house.

  25. rietpluim says

    Isn’t it funny how one of the things we are supposed to hate about America is… Christianity?
    How? Why? Christianity is not something American, nor is America something Christian.
    About America we hate Judaism and Islam just as much!
    Or as little, for that matter.

  26. says


    We just go out to our cute artsy cafes, order 100.00 avocado toasts to avoid saving money for a down payment for a house.

    House ownership ain’t for everyone. It can be nice, but it can be a right pain in the ass too.

  27. says

    We don’t save leftovers because we don’t cook.

    Can’t be true, last week I read an article about how millenials are killing casual dining chains because those horrible people stay at home and cook.

    We just go out to our cute artsy cafes, order 100.00 avocado toasts to avoid saving money for a down payment for a house.

    It’s really a problem.
    Last week I had an entire avocado for myself and now I need to start a go fund me to pay the mortgage.

  28. Florian Blaschke says

    How can a “limited government” maintain a peerlessly bloated military?

    How can a “limited government” be a reactionary nanny state towards its citizens inversely proportionally to their power?

    It’s the progressives who want limited government. Reactionaries really want a bloated government that bullies every citizen into submission they don’t care for.

  29. rietpluim says

    BTW How much do conservatives love the constitution? How about prayers at public schools? Or liberty? How about the freedom of gay and trans* people to marry the person they choose or visit the bathroom they feel fit? Or success? How about a single black mother working on multiple jobs to make ends meet and still raise her children right? Isn’t that success?

    I could go on for every item on the list. Some projection from this fella!

  30. cherbear says

    I should have added the winking smiley. I was riffing on the Millenial-can’t-afford-downpayments-for-homes-because-they-buy-avocado-toast memes.

  31. timberwoof says

    Jesse expressed my impression. It’s a list of things Michael Snyder thinks one must love to be a Conservative. Here’s my summary.
    • Old reactionary blowhard actors, politicians, and pundits.
    • Specific outdated, inappropriate technology including weapons.
    • A loathsome death cult.
    • A political and economic system that favors the rich.

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