Hope – 2

I’ve gotten familiar with the gestation time for a variety of seeds, and can practically set my clock by genovese basil.

Unless something bad happens, I’ll have pretty good-sized plants in a couple weeks. Then I can start stealing a leaf now and again to crush into my pasta.

And, the lemongrass. Like the basil, I just scatter seeds all around the pot, so there are a bunch of different plants I can mutilate.

Those roundish things in the center bottom are … interesting. Some kind of mushroom that looks like P. Cubensis but isn’t (shrooms like to grow a large mycelium web before they poke their heads up, and this pot was empty and dead a week and a half ago, no way shrooms would colonize it that fast)

That tiny little green thing is a folded over baby green onion.

Grow! Grow my little ones! Be proud and strong, so I can eat you.

We had some pretty crazy wind last week, and it completely ripped off the ridgeline vent and the automatic vent control. I have to go searching in the cows’ field for it and hope they haven’t stomped on it. Well, I can always build another.

The automatic vent systems are really cool and I do not understand them very well at all. It’s a piston full of some kind of grease that expands and contracts with heat, thereby operating a lever system that opens the vent. Pretty cool but not able to survive 60mph winds. I may just leave it open – when summer is here the inside of the greenhouse gets very hot – 110F – plus, which can’t be great for the plants.


  1. avalus says

    These are indeed shrooms. They just live in the potting soil. I get them every once in a while when opening fresh soil bags.
    Lemon gras is something I want to try this year as well!

    Happy growing!

  2. brightmoon says

    Only thing I’ve been able to grow are white violets in my pots and while I like them they tend to invade my houseplants. I can’t eat the flowers because of too many pigeons 😔

  3. Tethys says

    I’ve never seen lemongrass grown from seed, or considered growing it. Luckily I’m within walking distance to two Asian grocery stores that stock an amazing array of produce.

    I grow Thai basil every year, but my short season of hot weather is not conducive to happy verdant lemongrass. I’m thinking I could buy a nice clump from the grocery and pot it up so my potager becomes more lemony. I have a lemon thyme that I use frequently. It’s amazing added to soups or roasts, but it also makes a fantastic addition to waffle batter or bread dough.

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