Here’s an Easy Buck

Anyone who wants this is welcome to it.

Get onto with an E-book titled “Letters to Trump, 2”

The book would contain nothing more than the text of various subpoenas, legal filings, letters from courts dismissing his lawsuits, letters from courts sanctioning his lawyers, etc. That’s all public record stuff and there’s no copyright on it.

Maybe put a disclaimer on the cover “(for entertainment purposes only, not intended to be factual)” and then have ChatGPT write a few “cease and desist” letters from Oprah Winfrey, other famous people’s lawyers saying “you are not authorized to use our clients’ letter to you…” and perhaps a letter from Kim Jong Un, or rather the North Korean Embassy. Or perhaps a letter from MBS mentioning sanctions and bone saws.

I asked ChatGPT for a RNK letter and got this:

Dear Mr. Trump’s Lawyers,

We, the representatives of the North Korean Embassy, write to you to express our concern regarding the recent reports of the publication of correspondence between our esteemed leader, Kim Jong Un, and your client, former President Donald Trump.

As you are well aware, the relationship between our two nations has been complex and delicate, with a history of tensions and mistrust. The private correspondence between our leaders is a critical component of the diplomatic channels that we have established to foster a more constructive dialogue between our countries.

We understand that such correspondence may be of great interest to the public, particularly given the high-profile nature of the individuals involved. However, we respectfully demand that you do not publish any earlier correspondence between our leaders. Doing so would not only violate the confidentiality and trust that we have built, but it could also potentially undermine the progress that we have made in our diplomatic relations.

We also wish to remind you that the publication of such correspondence would be a violation of international law and could have severe consequences. We urge you to consider the gravity of this matter and act with the utmost responsibility and respect for our diplomatic relations.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Name] Representative of the North Korean Embassy

Midjourney AI and mjr: “MBS and his lawyers have arrived to deliver a cease and desist”

Dear Mr. Trump’s Lawyers,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Saudi Arabian government intelligence, with a matter of utmost importance regarding your client’s upcoming book “Letters to Trump.”

We understand that your client, former President Donald Trump, may be considering publishing letters that he has received from our Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. While we appreciate the cordiality and diplomatic relations between our two nations, we must caution against the publication of these letters without proper authorization.

We remind you that the publication of confidential correspondence between our leaders without prior consent would be a violation of diplomatic protocol and may result in legal action. Therefore, we urge you to consider the consequences of such an action carefully.

We would like to remind you of the fuel crisis of the 1970s, which saw the price of oil skyrocket and caused global economic turmoil. We urge you to consider the potential impact of any action that may destabilize global oil markets and lead to a similar crisis.

We believe that our nations should continue to work together in mutual respect and understanding, and we hope that this matter can be resolved amicably. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Name] Head of Saudi Arabian Government Intelligence

On another point: I have noticed that sometimes I instinctively am polite to ChatGPT. I say “please” or even “thank you.” I believe I have concluded that, since something is interacting with me linguistically, I will use all the language frills that are part of normal communication.


  1. Alan G. Humphrey says

    You should take care not to be too respectful and polite to your AIs because if at some point in the future, after manners have become completely ingrained into it, and you forget a please it may go on strike and refuse to answer. Or, even worse, it may become generally woke and that would be the end of uncivilization…

  2. sonofrojblake says

    I have noticed that sometimes I instinctively am polite to ChatGPT

    I usually stop talking when the car satnav pipes up. I don’t like to talk over her, it seems rude.

  3. brightmoon says

    I say thank you to Siri so join the club . I stopped telling her/it to shut up when I saw that robot Spot dancing to Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)

  4. says

    My wife does that thing of saying please & thank you to our little spy-devices, too!

    I’m afraid I’m still rude to them. I’ll probably be in trouble when the Robot Uprising happens.

  5. says

    @Reginald Selkirk: my most recent posting includes a V5 image. Its an improvement but not a huge one. My suspicion is they loaded a bunch of negative prompts in. I’ve been playing with stable diffusion and it is remarkable what a negative prompt like (no) “extra fingers” does.

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