Let’s Go Viral

Finally, something that is beautiful and joyful in its own right. See, I’m not entirely depressing.

Ed Hutchinson at University of Glasgow has some holiday viruses for you. These are some screenshots from a PDF that is [here] – if you decide to print any of these, use the PDF since it’s scaleable.

There is even a science lesson attached, in case you want to give this to some kid as a holiday assignment.

Each of the viruses is lovingly rendered, with a pattern you can trace and cut out, then hang on your “all holidays are equal” tree.


  1. says

    Reginald Selkirk@#3:
    I’ve been sitting at my desk here the last 3 hours writing a posting that includes just that. Not a major feature, though.

    The protease inhibitor is great news.

  2. kestrel says

    Wow, these are super fun! Thanks for posting! I’ve already done heartland virus and hepatitis B. Will do more tomorrow.

    Parasites under the microscope can also be interesting and (strangely) beautiful. Usually you are looking at the eggs, not the adults, but still, very fascinating.

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