1. DonDueed says

    Marcus, an article in the Boston Globe yesterday averred that the far right militia types were abandoning social media and using chat rooms instead, which (it was stated) meant they were no longer visible to the FBI and other law enforcement.

    Your many posts about the retroscope make me dubious that this is true — you seem to think the NSA (and friends) have visibility pretty much everywhere in the net. But maybe not in real time… what are your thoughts?

  2. komarov says

    Well, Sauron isn’t as bad as they say and Mordor Orcs are fine, patriotic people with a strong sense of duty. The only trouble is that they’ve been targeted by Antifa infiltrators and agitators. Whole armies of those. They even attacked Helm’s Deep and managed to get Saruman cancelled over it. Perma-banned to a tower, if you can believe it.

    Re: DonDueed
    A sort of follow-up question, but would it make much of a difference if the FBI/NSA did have “complete visibility?” (Not sure if to you or Marcus) It’s almost become a trope (not just in the US) that after an attack, law enforcement “was aware” of the attacker or monitoring them in some way. But somehow there is never enough actionable evidence to do something before the attack. In either case, there’s only ever the after-the-fact reveal (retroscope) and things like incriminating chatlogs could be pulled from both servers or personal devices, but they’d most likely be available in the end.

  3. komarov says

    Re: outis (#3):

    Well, that turned very dark quickly. I’m not sure what’s worse: that it makes so much sense (based on the wiki article) or that it rings familiar. I’ll remember it, thanks.

  4. mailliw says

    @3 Outis

    One interpretation of Lord of the Rings is that Tolkien saw the Shire as the rural conservative England of the south and Mordor as the industrial, socialist north.

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