More Snapmixes

I was swapping texts with a photographer friend, who is bored of the lockdown and who has been doing amazing photos of soap bubbles. Normally, he does studio headshots for Hollywood types, but coronavirus has locked down his business.

I suggested he try pointing Snapchat at some of his bubbles, to remix them, and that reminded me about the “snapmixes” I was doing a couple years ago. [stderr] So, I did a few quick ones and sent them.

“I Wuv U Mitch!” – maybe he’ll cheer up and be less murderous now?

The barbie doll car has a great deal of potential. I wonder if they’ll ever do an F-35 filter.

The 80s Gangster filter’s surprisingly good. Except it looks like he’s giving away that gold chain and we all know that would never happen.

Biden still looks like a wax doll. Some things, you just can’t fix with an easy click of your smart phone.

These are fun; I can go on all day. But I won’t.


  1. komarov says

    (1): Welcome, stranger, to uncanny valley. Honestly, if you took a shot at that thing, I’d expect sparks to come out as it kept advancing in a slow, menacing fashion – with the grin. On second that is him, isn’t it? Perhaps they don’t allow guns near the guy for fear that this is exactly what’ll happen. Possibly including the sparks and the dreadful advance.

    (3): Maybe he’s in the process of equipping that gold chain.* Maybe being POTUS is the worst RPG in the world and Trump is the worst player to ever have a go. I think we all know he wasn’t really into the game from the day he got it. He just doesn’t want to admit he got roped in by the trailers and some of Obama’s Let’s Play videos.

    And is it a side-effect of the filters or why do the (coloured) ties seem to stand out much more than the actual people? Ok, in (4) the hair seems to draw the attention away a bit. Is there a photographer out there who specialises on political neckwear? Must be annoying to have your shots ruined by faces.

    *-5 Charisma

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