About $150 Million Short

There’s an article on hackaday [h] about a model-builder who is trying to make an ultra-realistic model F-35.

And that’s my punch-line spoiled. It says:

[Joel] wants his model to be as close as possible to the real thing

How is he going to simulate 20 years of blown schedule mileposts, and cost overruns that make it cost $150 million per plane?

Joking aside, it’s quite an accomplishment. He’s got vertical take off/landing working as well as forward flight.

Another thing he’ll have to simulate: once he’s got it mostly working, he needs to put it away and build an F/A-18 or F-16. They’re better, anyway.


  1. says

    It seems to me that only the major powers that may want to go to war with other major powers need fighter jets, anyway. What they need is observation and counter-insurgency aircraft, which is mainly drones and a few loitering strike planes. I.e.: project ares.

  2. StevoR says

    It occurs to me that fighter jets have become the new dreadnoughts. Expensive, almost useless national status symbols. Sadly, Australia is wasting millions buying these dud fighters too.

    Australia is one of eight international partners in the Joint Strike Fighter program and the Federal Government has committed to buying at least 72 of the F-35 fighters at a cost of approximately $124 million each, according to former defence minister Christopher Pyne.

    Source : https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-25/there-arent-enough-spare-parts-for-the-joint-strike-fighter/11337686

    Tangentially, well, off-topic sorry, but have you seen Scott Manley’s youtube clip about the Iranian space program here :


    Quite interesting when it comes to the technical details of the Iranian space program and their progress and history.

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