ASOTV’s Battle Visor

Sounds like a rare drop in World of Warcraft. Something a gnome death-knight would wear with their PVP gear.

You can’t get much more tactical than a barrel helm that apparently doubles as a blacksmiths forge and has a great big Tactical Spike coming out the top:

But ASOTV’s Battle Visor sounds pretty tactical. From the description:

Battle visor uses atomic clarification technology that blocks blue rays, and cuts harsh glare, so you can see everything on the road ahead.

Sounds like it’s: sunglasses

From dawn till dusk you can look like you enjoy cheap sunglasses. I bet they’re not even made in America!

ASOTV even sounds like a gnomish death-knight. But you have to pronounce it in a “death metal growl.”


  1. komarov says

    I’m sorely disappointed. With that name I was expecting a 12th generation fighter jet helmet with combat HUD, target cam, lamentation-enhancing audio stream from the bombing site and kill counter as well as the usual comfort apps like weather forecast, newsfeed, youtube, e-mail etc.

    Of course such a helmet could include atomic clarification technology complete with quantum wave function collapsers, photon refractors and membrane-layered optoenhancers. But given the name those should be extras, not the whole show.

  2. says

    @komarov – the lamentation enhancement module – you should patent that!

    I suppose its main value is when it’s in the network and all the aircraft in a wing (or perhaps even 5th generation naval assets) share a common sadness-scape.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    Sounds like it’s sunglasses with yellow lenses and polarization.
    blocks blue rays” – yup, image shows yellow lenses. See “BluBlockers” and similar.
    atomic clarification technology…, and cuts harsh glare” – sure sounds like polarization to me.

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