Please Please Please Don’t Screw This Up

[Please: no spoilers in the comments]

It has come to my attention that Good Omens is finally being turned into a cinematic experience.

When they announce “we’re making a movie of one of your favorite books” that’s not always a good thing. The trailer looks pretty good, though – although they seem to be spinning it as a sort of “buddy story” between Aziraphale and Crowley. I didn’t read it as that.


  1. says

    Not spoilers:

    It’s not PER SE, but you could argue for it. Really what Good Omens is is 4 interwoven story threads – Aziraphale & Crowley, Adam & ‘Them’, Anathema & the Witchfinders, and the Four Horsemen – that converge on Armageddon… in Tadfield. While it wouldn’t be my favorite choice, choosing one of these to focus on is a reasonable adaptation choice.

    Plus there’s the possibility, that I’m hoping for, that they’re actually doing the lot but focusing on A&C in the *Marketing* because their story is arguably the soundbitiest one plus David Tennant will attract buzz. This is likely – I remember reading about some of the other casting and liking their choice for Mr. Shadwell. So far… it’s looking good.

    This is my very favorite book.

  2. John Morales says

    IMO, the higher the expectation, the more likely disappointment will ensue.

    (And the converse)

    I haven’t read the book, myself. So, no expectation ;)

  3. sarah00 says

    I may well be wrong, but I’ve got the impression this is an adaptation of the book in a similar way to the various H2G2 adaptations, in that it’s not a straight adaptation but that there are changes where things won’t work well in the new medium.

    Gaiman has been closely involved, as nancymartin pointed out, and he seems very enthusiastic about it, tweeting a lot throughout production which I’m taking as a good sign.

  4. nastes says

    Also one of my favorite books.
    On top, it introduced me to Neil Gaiman’s work and (probably) the fact that two authors can write one book. Still mystified how this works.

    @#3 John Morales:
    Already preparing for high levels of disappointment. However, group suffering is way more fun, so I highly recommend joining in by reading the book :)


  5. says

    I loved the radio adaptation BBC Radio 4 did last year.

    Where have I been!? How did I miss that!?
    (Runs off to go find media)
    Thank you!

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