I See Tail-Lights

Traffic in Sao Paolo is impressive. Worse than Moscow!

When your GPS says it’s going to take 2hr to go 25km, and gives you an 81km alternate route… well nobody’s speeding. Or moving, really.


  1. jrkrideau says

    What, 12.5km/hr?
    From what I have heard that is pretty fast for São Paulo.
    Check out the helicopter taxis. I think they have them running now.

  2. says

    helicopter taxis

    I am terrified of helicopters, though they’re a great deal of fun. Back when they still flew the helicopter shuttle from Kennedy Airport to the Pan Am building (before they crashed one…) we took one of those, one time, because we had a tight connection to get to 34th st Station/Amtrak. It was not a day to be flying helicopters on – very memorable for a kid.