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How Did I Not Hear of This Before Now?

Where are my boxcutter blades? Get me some cardboard!

What if you took a bunch of cardboard and glue, and then built stuff, and destroyed it? That’s probably enough, right there. But add some creativity and perhaps a bit of ethanol or weed, and you get BoxWars.

Mon dieu!

Someone has had a whiff of grapeshot kool-ade

It does look like Waterloo

Robot Invasion:

It had to be.

The different performances are oriented around themes. So there was a Mad Max BoxWar, too.

Is that Optimus Prime?

Morituri Te Salutamus!

Madness Max

This is how religion should be done! Find something you care about, ritualize it, then smash and burn stuff in a way that you don’t get hurt.

There are loads and loads of pictures and videos from various BoxWars events on their site: [boxwar]

Awwww, such a cute kid!

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Somehow I suspect that Adam Savage is involved in this. With pepakura and low-res poly objects, it ought to be possible to make some really amazing outfits.

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  1. says

    What a delightful way to start my day. This is when I love people, when they are busy engaged in creativity and play, activities which make us a better type of human. :D

  2. kestrel says

    This is awesome. And to think of all the boxes I’ve just recycled, without making armor and cars out of them first!

  3. says

    And to think of all the boxes I’ve just recycled, without making armor and cars out of them first!

    That was my reaction! I think I’d feel bad putting so much work into something and then destroying it like that.

    They did one battle that was an air war. There must have been so much growled “MEEEEYOWWWWWWW” and “PEW PEW PEW!”

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    This would be a nice idea for a housewarming party. Save the cardboard boxes from the move (it is very common here to ask local shops for used cardboard boxes when one is moving, and they often give you some) and invite the people that helped you, give them first box cutters, boxes and super glue, make some gear, play and have some food and drink afterwards.

  5. says

    Ice Swimmer@#6:
    This would be a nice idea for a housewarming party

    It would! Out here in Pennsylvania, we’d probably end the whole thing with a bonfire of cardboard. But that’s because we’re all about carbon footprint out here…

    (When I moved up here, there were a lot of boxes, from which I built a small castle in the woods – also with some hay bales to weight the whole thing down. It stood for about 5 years, now it’s completely gone and there’s a nice green patch from all the compost. And by “small castle” I mean about 20′ by 20′ with 10′ high walls and an inner parapet.)