Kind of Embarrassing / Memo to Myself

Memo to self: when writing postings about a person, check to make sure they are not still alive and making news. Normally, when dealing with historical figures (e.g.: Lyudmila Pavlichenko [stderr]) we can safely assume they are not making more news. But …

I wrote a piece about a horrible pooppuff (that’s like a rice krispie made out of a mouse turd) authoritarian windbag [stderr] cop from Lousiana, who used to post spittle-flecked threatening videos at the very citizens he was supposed to “protect and serve.”

I wonder where he’ll wind up next? Ferguson? Minneapolis? Baltimore? Los Angeles? There is a rotating ODESSA for cops, just like the catholic church’s rotating protection program for pedophile priests. I have added captain Higgins to my search interests so, when he eventually kills somebody, we can watch everyone clutching their pearls about what a great peace-loving cop he has been.

And, I did; I put ‘police captain clay higgins louisiana’ into my google search-set, figuring that he’d crop up again some day. But that’s not what happened: he cropped up immediately. Because, you see, I hadn’t checked the date on the youtube video, which is from early 2016 and Higgins has been busy shitting in the hot tub since then.

US Representative Clay Higgins

I was completely right, he’d crop up in some other criminal enterprise: he is now in the US House of Representatives, where he is helping demonstrate what a travesty ‘representative democracy’ is by representing Louisiana’s population of white authoritarian assholes.

The most recent news about him was that he showed a truly remarkable lack of situation awareness by posting a video he shot in one of the gas chambers at Auschwitz: [newrepublic]

On the Fourth of July, the first-term representative from Louisiana posted a five-minute selfie video, taken at Auschwitz, invoking the Holocaust to argue that U.S. national security must be “squared away” and the military has to be “invincible.” After the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum denounced Higgins in a tweet—“Everyone has the right to personal reflections. However, inside a former gas chamber, there should be mournful silence. It’s not a stage”— Higgins retracted his video and apologized. “The atrocities that happened at Auschwitz were truly despicable, and we must never let history repeat itself in such a way,” he wrote. “We live in a dangerous world, and massive forces of evil do indeed yet exist. We must all stand united against those evils.”

The military has to be “invicible”? Higgins does not even know what that means – he is the very walking and babbling example of what Sun Tzu means when he writes:

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. – Sun Tzu

You can be pretty sure that, in 600bc, Sun Tzu had to deal with Higgins’ type, too. He probably put them out in front so they’d die quickly before they did a lot of damage. We already have an invincible military; it’s being used to pursue a grand strategy that is nonexistent. It doesn’t matter how good they are because there’s nothing they can possibly accomplish that will achieve any results that will benefit the state.

This represents Louisiana [sourceThis has more influence over public policy that any of us will ever have.

He’s going to kill someone. Let’s hope he just gets busted snorting cocaine off a male prostitute’s butt or something like that, without someone dying in the process. Higgins is the kind of guy who’d have been fragged in Vietnam.

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So the memo to myself is to research the current state of anyone I post about, because they may have gotten incredibly worse. I’m pretty sure that if I had realized Higgins was a representative, I wouldn’t have written about him at all – it’s too embarrassing for the US. I’m also going to be more careful checking the dates on my source material. I usually do, but sometimes a lot can happen between spring 2016 and ‘now’.


  1. polishsalami says

    This ranks pretty low on the embarrassment scale, especially compared to Twitter. Just look at Josh Marshall’s ‘Angela & Strawberry’ tweet, or Kurt Eichenwald’s hentai. Even non-erotic gaffes — such as Ross Douthat’s prediction that Marco Rubio would win every GOP primary — have the capacity to produce wondrous examples of the self-own.

  2. says

    Let’s hope he just gets busted snorting cocaine off a male prostitute’s butt or something like that, without someone dying in the process.

    OK, I know that snorting cocaine is illegal (although in my opinion it would be better to just legalize all drugs and stop this stupid war on drugs anyway). But I just don’t get Americans and their politicians’ sex scandals. What’s exactly wrong with a politician having sex out of wedlock? Or paying a consenting and adult sex worker? As long as everybody involved are consenting adults, every person should have the right to do whatever the fuck they want with their genitalia. If a politician wants to hire a sex worker or get a mistress, it’s their fucking right to do so. And everybody else should just keep their noses out of other people’s bedrooms. And why the fuck is FBI even investigating who is sleeping with whom?

    By the way, I’m not advocating lying to spouses. It’s better to get a divorce first. Or not getting married in the first place.

  3. kestrel says

    Ieva Skrebele: A lot of times these people are Republicans and they spent a lot of effort on the campaign trail explaining how pious and holy and anti-gay they are. Then, you see, the Religious Reich voted for them because they were so pious and holy and anti-gay. It is the hypocrisy, or at least it is for me, when these people are caught doing the very things they railed about while campaigning, or being in office. IOW it isn’t just that the guy got caught with a male prostitute (for example) it’s that he was ALSO busily coming up with anti-gay laws. Some examples a quick Google search turned up:

  4. Siobhan says


    As a demonstration of this, Canada had a very popular progressive politician by the name of Jack Layton. Because he didn’t try to campaign on religious purity, basically none of his supporters cared when it was supposedly “leaked” that he attended “massage parlours” (i.e. brothels).

  5. jrkrideau says

    # 4 Siobhan

    Jack Layton attended “massage parlours”?

    Well, it must not have made a lot of fuss in the media. I, certainly, don’t remember ever hearing about it.

    It probably was only in the Toronto Sun. Oh, and before the Cons’ got a majority so that they could go all “pious and righteous” without losing a vote of confidence.