A Weird Thing

I am having trouble getting to rt.com (Russia Times, right?)

It’s almost as though something is interfering with my traffic; I can get to most of the rest of the internet just fine. I guess those crazy Russians just can’t form good packets. Maybe they should get the NSA/CIA to help them. Or maybe they could get the NSA/CIA to stop “helping” them. I can ping www.rt.com just fine, with no packet loss, but web traffic just crawls and stops.

The above is paranoia. I have no basis to believe that Obama is involved.


  1. says

    I just tried the site and the home page loaded within a second or so. (Much faster, it has to be said, than the flash-and-JS-saturated pages of most news sites.)

    FYI, I’m in the UK using the Pale Moon browser on Vista and my ISP is British Telecom.

  2. says

    It loaded quickly here.

    What I noticed immediately was the “news article” about the 1917 revolution, as if it were a new event. What’s the point, to celebrate the rise of an oppressive regime? It was like the “news” I saw in 1995, talking about the end of World War II as if it were curent events. It’s one thing to talk about history, quite another to glorify it…especially when there’s nothing to glorify.

  3. blf says

    Russia Times, right?

    Pedantically, just RT (nowadays), and used to be known as Russia Today. Not reliable, unless you think Breitbart is reliable.

    No problems here in France.

  4. enkidu says

    RT working in NZ.
    I thought the coverage of 1917 was quite clever really. One of the problems of studying history is to try to strip away the knowledge of hindsight and get some idea of how original actors and spectators understood the events.