TrumpUS Season One: [Spoilers]

Ok, play nice, yall. Don’t dump the really obvious ones.

I was shocked by the season premiere: I expected the wall. The nepotism was basic and unoriginal. They’re just setting us up for a big reveal.

Cross-marketing, not too bad, though I think the inflateable love-dolls did actually hit “over the top” pretty hard.

I do think the sub-plot with the CIA leaker was really interesting. Highly-placed cabinet source, indeed! Do you think it could be the VP or maybe a faction of the defense industrial complex trying to get the VP in place as a puppet? I wish they had Kevin Spacey playing the leaker; he’d kill that part. The lady they have playing the journalist is awesome, though. She’s reminiscent of “The Goodwife” and she’s going to win all the grammys.

Meanwhile: I am loving the “Game of Thrones”-style slaughter-of-the-spokespeople down in the trenches, as POTUS just goes charging off in random directions. It’s almost comedic; I think they’re playing it for laughs but I can’t tell – the best satire’s that way. I’m reminded of “VEEP” – yeah, it’s as if VEEP had become reality.

The whole “ticking time bomb” thing was overdone in ’24’ and I think the caricature of white supremacists gone wrong was horribly over the top. I don’t think I’m going to watch any more if they keep implicitly poking at white people. We’re not anything like all that racist. We may be stupid priveleged and all but (headshake) no!

I think the whole season may be a ripoff of Shakespeare’s Leare, which would be an obvious nod to Kurosawa? Don’t you think?

I can’t wait ’till the thematic villain emerges. But you can tell from the voice intercepts to New York that he’s either either arabic or middle eastern, for all the stereotypical fuck’s sake. I guess they couldn’t get Ricardo Montalban.




  1. Brian English says

    Cardboard cutout villains, not realistic.

    I mean, who would give the keys to the most deadly war machine to a narcissistic toad?

  2. says

    Brian English@#1:
    I know, right? I think they’re going to go for the “toad with the heart of gold” angle, unless they just kill him off halfway through season1.

  3. Brian English says

    Of course, the toad is killed by the nefarious second in command, who goes all Richard the III and kills the toad’s kids in the (trump) tower. Now that’s an angle….

  4. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    I’m looking forward to the episode where Donald finds out what it really means to have a Jewish daughter.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    Zombie and found-footage* movies can’t be spoiled. Everyone dies. At night. Mostly.

    *OK, it hasn’t been “found” yet.

  6. AndrewD says

    As an aside, the Charlie Stross piece referenced above was part 3 of a trilogy-go read all 3 and the Comments (which are completely unlike Youtube comment threads)

  7. says

    I thought the exotic bottle blonde spy was too obvious. When she was revealed as a double, and then as a triple, I yawned. I mean, could they have been more obvious?

  8. polishsalami says

    It’s like some arthouse director was given a shitload of acid, and then was asked to do a remake of The West Wing.

    No, scrub that. Nobody would make it because it’s far too outlandish for any sane viewer.