I Hate Snow

I did this using a radio remote (hidden in my glove) and carefully timed shutter settings to get the right light and motion blur. To get the blur right I had to be really close to the semi, which meant I had a slight chance of slipping and throwing myself under the wheels.  Everyone honked and waved but, whatever.

Self-portrait, 2011

Self-portrait, 2011


  1. militantagnostic says

    A Saskatchewan farmer who had enough of winters of on the Canadian prairie decided to move to Texas. He found a farm for sale in Texas, but just as he was about to make an offer, it started to snow. The realtor saw the deal slipping away so he asked the son of the man who owned the farm if he had ever seen snow before. The Texas farmboy replied “No, but I seen rain twice”.

  2. says

    At the time when I shot that, it was a warm dry place, in my mind.

    That was shot during the polar vortex dip, when it was about -1F and it just kept snowing, melting, snowing. I was ready for the winter to be over and was almost in favor of global warming.

  3. says

    we’re about to get hit with another blizzard.

    Yeah, I see you were!!!! Ugh. I couldn’t stand that much snow. A bit of hot and cold is nice (I couldn’t take California climate) but what you deal with is just too much.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Tucson…it’s the only place to be. ;)

    We get snow in the valley (where the actually city is located) about once every 5-6 years. However, we are surrounded by mountains, some as high as almost 10k ft. So if you want cold/snow, it’s an hour-ish drive up the mountain for a fun playday.

    Summers are hot, but the heat index is lower than much of the midwest due to the low humidity. And, we have awesome birds and plants here (and not too many venomous critters).