Fall Colors

This is what it looks like out here, this time of year. There’s a house up the street that has a yellow tree like this, and a red one, close together. Some years they both go colors at the same time, and it’s eye-bending.

Fall Colors, Philipsburg PA, Nov 1, 2016

Fall Colors, Philipsburg PA, Nov 1, 2016


  1. Holms says

    Nice; over here the trees are almost entirely Eucalyptus, so no fancy autumn colours round these parts.

  2. Peter B says

    I just looked out the window. Not much Fall color in San Jose, CA. By the time November is over some streets will get a bit of color. With a lot of luck leaf drop will allow heavy rainfall to clog storm drains.

    14 feet of wet snow above 6000 feet would be NICE. Contact CA Dept of Water Resources for donation info.