Fall Colors

We had a bit of rain, so the fall colors happened really quickly, and I missed the best of them.

I lofted the drone this morning and got a bit of a view, though.

Fall Colors, Morrisdale 2016

Fall Colors, Morrisdale 2016

That’s the west branch of the Susquehanna, meandering off East toward Harrisburg. You get quite a view from 500M up!

From I-80 heading Eastbound to the airport in 2008, I snapped this out of the car window:

Fall colors 2008

Fall colors 2008

This is what it looked like last week, before the trees started to turn, the day after first frost. Unfortunately, I’ve hardly been home this fall. These shots are stuff I just grabbed on the fly (badum-tschhh…) between trips to and from the airport.

Last Week:



  1. kestrel says

    Impressive! You have some amazing color there. The drone photos are great! Do you have sugar maples? I don’t know how to tell those from that high up…

  2. says

    There are a few sugar maples, but up here the logging industry is pretty active, so the big trees don’t last very long.

    There’s one house a few miles from me that has 2 of the most insanely vibrantly colored trees. Every year, they look like an explosion. I have never managed to be there with a camera, though (and the setting is not particularly good) I’m always reminded of one of the winners of the Hasselblad photo award: a positively day-glow maple tree standing in a bright green field, by itself, against a deep blue sky – and it was windy and the photographer dragged the shutter so that all the leaves exploded into blurs of color. Amazing.

  3. says

    stopping your car on the Autobahn

    I’ve gotten good at shooting out windows, or pulling over and dropping a picture while accellerating away.

    In the one from the freeway you can see motion blur in the near plane; I was going about 80 and hung my 5D out the window…

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    The colours in the one from 2008 are so rich. Wonderful ruska (autumn colours/fall colors in Finnish). Also, love that tight river bend in the first video.

    Dirty and reflective bus and tram windows count as a bane of my existence. It’s rare to get good photos through them and even the better ones are flawed.