Shower Curtain

Anyone need a shower curtain??  (trigger warning: fake blood)


Smooth-on Dragonskin silicone, with silc-pig “blood” pigment.

Yummy cotton

Yummy cotton

I just put on nitrile gloves, then reached into the pail, grabbed handfuls of the goo, and a knife, and cut a couple holes in it.


It took another hour for the silicone to run and drool properly.


I made this because I could; I haven’t actually got a shower that needs a curtain.

Anyone want a shower curtain?

After it was all done, I realized I should have made a matching bath-mat.


  1. says

    Iris Vander Pluym@#1:
    That’s pretty darned cool!!! If I were in the market for a squirrel remains shower curtain, that’d be the one!

    Thanks, I guess!

  2. kestrel says

    Marcus, you should know the Partner has little room to claim other people as “sick”, having been involved in EMS for years. Things that pass as jokes at our house reduce most people to tears. This was, perhaps, an attempt at a compliment. But it can be hard to tell around here. :-)