Come At Me, Big Bro

I am glad that the commentariat has moved past the “dead porcupine” stage.

A young adult porcupine

A young adult porcupine, my yard, 2008

(Outstanding in the field) “Oh, hey, those look nommable. Uh, what’s that guy pointing at me?”

Somewhere in my huge storage of digital images, I have pictures of a very large porcupine, several times the size of this adolescent. I did not get very near him, until he decided to leave, at which point I followed at a respectful distance.

Porcupines are not strategic geniuses: he attempted to evade me by climbing up a smallish tree that had almost no leaves and was a whopping 8 feet tall. I got a lot of photos of an angry-looking porcupine grinding his teeth at me trying to warn me to put the camera down and run from his fearsomeness.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    The Pharyngula porcupine thing was about road-kill, not cute live ones.
    If you have enough of those, you could do a Chris Clarke and replace nasty comments with かわいい porcupines.

  2. says

    The Pharyngula porcupine thing was about road-kill, not cute live ones.

    Yeah, I remember. Won’t someone think of the road-kill? (wrings hands)

    I get so sad when I see these poor dumb critters dead in the road. Sometimes the locals’ll swerve to hit them, or snakes. It’s really disturbing when they do that.

    Based on comment in the administrative thread, I’m not going to edit people’s comments. If they cross the bar of “irritating and/or tedious” I’ll delete them, but I won’t tamper with them. (I’m not sure what happens to comment renumbering then, but I don’t get hundred page-long comment threads here anyway)

  3. chigau (違う) says

    All modern vehicles have those black-box thingies.
    They could be programmed to STOP after the second swerve-hit.
    Can you replace deleted comment content with a generic
    “deleted because disgusting”
    I love porcupines. We used to have them in the back yard.
    But there are alot of houses between us and the river.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    on another tangent:
    fledglings are really, really stupid
    I do my part in their learning cycle by running at them, waving, and screaming.