Monday Meslier: 134 – Theology Makes Of Its God An Enemy Of Common Sense And Englightenment

You tell us, O theologians! that “what is folly in the eyes of men, is wisdom before God, who is pleased to

Jean Meslier Portrait

Jean Meslier

confound the wisdom of the wise.” But do you not pretend that human wisdom is a gift from Heaven?

In telling us that this wisdom displeases God, is but folly in His eyes, and that He wishes to confound it, you proclaim that your God is but the friend of unenlightened people, and that He makes to sensible people a fatal gift, for which this perfidious Tyrant promises to punish them cruelly some day. Is it not very strange that we can not be the friend of your God but by declaring ourselves the enemy of reason and common sense?

It’s always been interesting to atheists how theists try to use reason as long as they think they can comfort their minds with it, but are quick to discard it and retreat to a comfortable bunker of woo-woo when the flaws in their reasoning are pointed out.