Administrivia –

By the way, I have requested that the FtB recirculate any ad revenue from this blog to the rest of the collective.

In case anyone is picturing me sitting here lighting my solid gold crack pipe with $100 bills earned with my “click bait” No, that’s not happening. I got all this money from a political action committee’s sock drawer, and the cocaine isn’t mine, it was just left here by that megachurch pastor.

I don’t use the cocaine to get high, anyway, I just like the way it smells.*

(* From Ray Wylie Hubbard “Conversations With The Devil“)


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    Silver bling is more my style, but, you know – the slings and arrows of blogging… Now I just gotta figure out how to troll bikeshort skeptic and get him and the british guy to disavow me with links to one of my articles. Then I’ll sit back and make a beanbag chair out of all the bills.

    I like the word “collective” – it’s what my gaming guild calls ourself, so the word pops into my head easily.