Snark of the Month: October

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Snark of the Month: Johnny Vector

In a post where McCrory discusses the social impact on himself of introducing HB2, in which he compares people exercising their right of association to disassociate with an odious bigot to the disappearing act of intelligence operatives in 1984, Vector replies:

Man, I still remember physically shaking after that scene in the 1984 film of 1984 where Winston gets disinvited from a charity event.

Word, Johnny.

Runner up: Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

Giliell characterizes the fretful Dr. Peterson and his supporters perfectly:

Suggestion: Just go “lalalalalala”. Though even that will lead people to certain conclusions about you. We get it: You want to say whatever you want without anybody ever being allowed to criticise you, to point out the harm you’re causing, without anybody ever making the conclusion that you are, indeed, a bigot and an asshole and subsequently, oh the horrors, no longer invite you to their parties.
Fucking language, how does it work?

I don’t know Giliell, this is the same guy who used the singular they/their in a rant about how they/their wasn’t “grammatically correct.”

Snark on lovelies!





  1. Johnny Vector says

    Ooh, I win!

    Still. Snark is fun and all, but it sure would be nice if the McCrorys of the world didn’t exist.