Update: Happy Halloween and Some Creepy Flowers

I am feeling a lot better and hoping that this is the light at the end of the tunnel. I worked every day I was scheduled last week.

While I haven’t been writing much, I did spend the last few days drawing some pretty creepy flowers — enjoy!

I hope you all had a nice Halloween! I’m not sure which was more exciting to my daughter – the candy or the snow.

Did you do anything to celebrate?










Have a wonderful weekend! I will write more soon!


  1. Katydid says

    Impressed with your work–have you ever considered selling some?

    Glad you enjoyed your Halloween. You all look so happy in the pictures. I dressed up my dog in a baby shark costume and brought him to a couple of nursing homes (he’s in a visiting-dog program and he doesn’t mind costumes) during the day, then in the evening I sat outside with the (still-costumed) dog and handed out treats. We had a lot of really young ones this year and they’re always adorable. We didn’t have snow, but it was chilly enough that I had a jacket on.

    • ashes says

      Thank you!

      I did a lot of art shows when I was in my 20s, and I would sell things here and there but never anything consistent. Whenever I sold something it would be “surprise fun money” and my husband and I would have a nice dinner out. Some of my best memories of my husband and I as newlyweds were the road trips we would take to art shows.

      I felt overwhelmed when I got pregnant and stopped doing art shows, but I would love to get back into it now that my daughter is a little older.

      My daughter is turning into quite the little artist herself!

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