Mommy and Me “Book of Eyes”

One of my daughter’s favorite activities is drawing and considering my background in art, I am absolutely thrilled about it! I run a nonprofit arts center and sometimes my husband brings our daughter to visit me at work. She loves to draw and paint with the group, and the participants love having her there. She loves to experiment and she puts a smile on everyone’s face. The arts center is for people struggling with homelessness as well as mental health and addiction issues and my daughter lightens the mood and lets the participants have a little fun. 

We spend a lot of time drawing and painting at home as well. I love to draw eyes so naturally, my daughter does, too. We created a “book of eyes” — a collection of drawings my daughter and I made together. We have over 80 drawings in the book and I want to share of few of them with you.

Little kid’s interests are always changing but I hope my daughter’s love for art never dies.

Also, today is my daughter’s fourth birthday! I felt it was appropriate to post celebrating something we love doing together. 🙂



  1. Katydid says

    First, let me say those are some GREAT eyes! I love the way she puts colors together and I love the creativity.

    Second, gotta say I’m a bit jealous that your daughter has more artistic talent than I will ever possess.

    Thirs, great going, Mom! I love how you encourage her.

  2. says

    Happy birthday, little one!
    My eldest is a painter as well, though she definitely does not have that from me. I’m creative and skilled, I’m an artist at soul, but I cannot draw a recognisable dog. I can create a pattern and sew one, if you like? Or make a dog shaped cake? Dog necklace or earrings? Take great pics of doggos?
    I am always awed by her skill and eye for detail. I hope your little one keeps her passion

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