Signs of Life.

I was just outside, briefly, my left intercostals are still causing me excruciating pain, but my longing for a dandelion insisted on a foray. Not a dandelion in sight, but tulip and poppy leaves. As I came back in, I noticed the water in the birdbath was frozen solid. At 11:00 am. I am so tired of winter.



© C. Ford.

Trees 1.

From rq, who says, It’s an old property with old, old trees on it. The first two photos are the same tree from different angles. A lot of the trees had similar sort of burn marks on them, I don’t know if it’s human activity or lightning strikes, it was rather odd. Nobody’s lived there for 20 years, since the original house burnt down back in the 1990s. But the trees are still there.

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