1. says

    This looks like Acer platanoides, and if it is, then proper english name would be Norway maple.
    It can be used to make maple syrup, but it is not as sugary as from the canadian Sugar maple Acer sachharum. I am not sure why it should be called Canadian maple in Latvia though, it is a native species.

  2. rq says

    I think it’s just a local thing, because it looks like the maples in Canada. Someone once told me that maples are relatively rare in Latvia, but I haven’t found that statement to be true. Latvian forests are mostly either pine and birch and other larch (birch will grow among pine in the moister areas, so you get neat little clumps of birch among dark green pine), oak and lyme being the traditional leafy green trees -- but you do get a goodly number of maple in there, too, along with a slew of other species.

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