Can I Get A Squee?

Riddle: How am I like a dog?

And what is Ronja staring at so avidly…?

© rq, all rights reserved.

Answer: Hearing a cry of SQUIRREL will get my attention every time…

We knew there were squirrels in the backyard, because we’ve seen them before, so when Husband announced a sighting, of course I grabbed the camera and ran out:

And there it was… © rq, all rights reserved.

Peeking out like the ivy was an election booth (this was May 25), it was a real, live squirrel hanging out and just waiting for me to take a photo!

It was quite brave:

A little too brave… © rq, all rights reserved.

Some chatter was heard, and suddenly, they multiplied!

Now there were two! © rq, all rights reserved.

Look at ’em go!
© rq, all rights reserved.

There was a wedding to be went to, but we (I) stood around watching these squirrels, when suddenly…

© rq, all rights reserved.

But wait, there’s more…

That’s a small birdhouse that the squirrel family appears to have occupied.
© rq, all rights reserved.

And yes, there were four!

Babies, all of them. © rq, all rights reserved.

And yes, they were all babies. Behind me is a willow tree and Mum was sitting in the branches, quietly watching us and watching Ronja and every now and then scolding her babbies for climbing down too close to the ground. It was obviously a First Lesson In Being Outside type of day, and those kids were sure unruly (they don’t hold still for photos, either).

Soon after this last photo I wrapped up to finally get in the car, and I saw Mum carrying one of her children in her mouth (and making some impressive flying leaps!) in a direction of more safety.

Well, one thing I know: Ronja will keep the neighbourhood cats away. And it was enough SQUEE for the entire weekend and then some.


  1. says

    Fun fact: I once interrupted a lesson by yelling “look, squirrel!!!”.
    Yes, I was the teacher.

  2. Ice Swimmer says


    They are so cute. Also look at the tail hanging from the roof of the nest box.

  3. voyager says

    Ronja has a busy month ahead of her. So does that poor mama squirrel.

  4. rq says

    Haha, no, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill North American tree rats, but real, fluffy Eurasian squirrels, who are quiet and unassuming and squee your heart out with those wee little tufted ears. :D
    But, you know…

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