Jack’s Walk

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This is a little pond that Jack and I found in the springtime. Then, it was covered in lily pads as far as the eye could see. I took a bunch of photos, but there were so many mosquitoes that I made a pretty quick get-away. It was also the middle of the day and the light was harsh so when I got home I filed the photos away under ‘go back and try again.’ I did try once a few weeks later and, if anything, there were even more mosquitoes. Then we went to the east coast and I forgot all about the place until today. The pond looks totally different at this time of year. There are only a few tattered remnants of lily pads left and the center of the pond is mostly open water which was reflecting the pretty autumn trees across the way. The sun came out long enough to light up the view and make the water blue and there was not a single mosquito to be seen or felt. I call that a successful field trip.


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    A beautiful Photo of a wonderful pond. Color, Light, Composition, this one is brilliant.
    The foreground trees and branches make it seem like a secret place, while the color changes in the background seem to open up magic beckoning to another space/time/world.
    I opened Affinity after work today to a “Wow, that’s an amazing view of a delicate slice of the world”.

  2. rq says

    Perfect framing, ideal lighting -- I can smell the marshland. You’ve captured a beautiful moment. The secret alligators are waiting…

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