1. johnson catman says

    His hat is on crooked. See the people in the stands making fun of him by tilting their heads and acting like they are adjusting their hats? They know his arms are too short to reach up and adjust it.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    In one of the dioramas at the Ark Encounter that PZ took pictures of, there is very similar dino with a very similar hat.

  3. says

    Isn’t it obvious? The “Silly Hat” is a bio-engineered mind-control device, to ensure that the dinosaur doesn’t go off-script—no running amok amongst the cheering crowds.

    One of the current specimens of this mind-control device adorns the Angry Cheeto’s head.

  4. Kreator says

    It’s not a hat, it’s a horn. That’s a Carnotaurus! It’s one of my favorite dinos, hence why I can’t resist pointing it out (the fact that it lived in my country has a lot to do with it.) You know, if the Bible actually had carnotauruses I might have read more than a couple of sections.

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