Ohhh, Beards Keep the Gay Away.

Metropolitan Kornily (putin.blog).

Metropolitan Kornily, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church, an Orthodox Catholic sect that left the church back in 1666, linked the lack of a beard with homosexuality during an interview with Russia’s National News Service, according to Monday reports. During the interview, Kornily urged men to stop removing their body hair in order to “protect themselves from homosexuality.”

“God gave us the rules. It is written that God created everyone with a beard. A Catholic West [has] completely fallen away from this concept. But this is clear—the icons, we cannot imagine Christ or some saint without a beard. One should not oppose its creator. It’s made a monstrous thing to see men’s clothing and hairstyles changing,” Kornily said, adding that the practice of beard shaving was a “departure from the sacred and holy.”

Someone doesn’t know about bears. I guess if you insist on living in the 17th century, you miss out on a few things here and there. Gotta love that God created everyone with a beard business. I don’t have one, so I obviously didn’t come from “god”.  Oh no, I am evil! :grins:  And, I’m pretty sure there were gay men in the 17th century, most likely sporting those manly beards.

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  1. johnson catman says

    Yeah, that “everyone” line really stood out to me also. If you had not commented on it, I was going to do so. And I am pretty sure that a beard would not prevent a man from kissing another man, performing fellatio, or engaging in anal sex. It doesn’t create some kind of force field. Otherwise, it would keep men with beards from kissing a woman, performing cunnilingus, or engaging in heterosexual sex acts.

    And maybe they can’t picture Jaysus or some “saint” without a beard because it was probably pretty much of a chore to get a good shave a couple of thousand years ago. Hell, it is a chore today, and we have all kinds of modern conveniences to make it easier.

  2. says

    A great many medieval era men were clean-shaven, it wasn’t all that difficult. I probably spend too much time immersed in various types of illuminated manuscripts, but a majority of the men depicted are clean-shaven. This is old school religious bullshit, but I am curious about just how the beards are supposed to scare the gay away.

  3. ionopachys says

    The thing on his hat is a cross, with the INRI label and a piece to nail the feet to.

  4. lumipuna says

    I think it’s the figure of Orthodox style cross standing on a pedestal.

    AFAIK, the Old Believers are to Russian Orthodoxy what FLDS are to Mormonism.

  5. lumipuna says

    I am curious about just how the beards are supposed to scare the gay away

    1. I bet the logic was muddled to begin with.
    2. Whatever Russian media source reported this probably didn’t even try follow the logic when they edited the interview
    3. Something was probably lost in translation, if there was any sense left.

  6. says

    Oh of course it’s muddled, like all of christianity. It all goes to the “god created everybody with a beard” business, meaning men, natch, because women have never counted in christianity, especially not the old school type, and obviously, when men start shaving, they look like … women! *gasp, horror*, and even worse, start behaving like the evil tarts when they dress in a manner which might just show off their bodies.

  7. kestrel says

    OK, wait. Where does it say that god created everybody with a beard? I know there is a lot of weird stuff in the bible… I just can’t remember the part where it says this. Maybe it’s just something this guy said.

  8. says

    Anyone else want to go shave him and see what happens?

    That’s the Christian thing, right? Making sure everyone’s been shaved by their great Lord and Shaviour?

  9. drken says

    A beard doesn’t stop you from being gay, it just helps others from finding out. Oh, wait… He means facial hair. I guess he doesn’t know too many bears. Many bearded, gay men in that group.

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