Target: The Tiny Tyrant. Brilliant!

As always, artists are at the forefront of the latest Tiny Tyrant Total Fuck Up, brilliantly skewering Trump’s idiotic, uniformed, grossly mistaken decision to withdraw from the Climate Accord. Apparently, Trump asked “at what point do they start laughing at America”, being utterly oblivious to how people have viewed this lost country since his campaign and election. Ever the Fucking Idiot.

Marian Kamensky, America First. Click for full size.

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Vasco Gargalo, Little Man.

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Ose Koer.

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David Rowe. Excusez Moi.

You can see more of David’s extremely sharp work here.

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    And two days after Trump pulling out of Paris*, the reight wing of Merkel’S CDU is demanding we stop renewable energy, doubts “the solitary influence” of humans on global warming, asks if it’s not actually good to have ice free poles (better trade routes!).

    Holy fuck, I mean even if I didn’t believe in AGW, coal and oil are still going to run out. You can devastate whole regions with fracking, but it will end. Also, even if I believed there were more factors than human pollution, it would still be the one thing we can do something about.
    Oh, I forgot, these people will be dead when fossils are all used up and Amsterdam is underwater.

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    asks if it’s not actually good to have ice free poles (better trade routes!).

    Jesus Fuck. We are all going to die. Too bad the deeply stupid are taking us with them.

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