Mr. Tweet Rides Again.

Mr. Tweet has once again gotten loose, and has been saying deranged and nasty things about Sally Yates now. Once again, an unfounded accusation is made, and people are wasting no time smacking back, hard.  UPDATE: Huh. When I posted this, Trump’s tweet was included, as it was at the source. That’s now gone. It has been disappeared! Oh no, let’s cook up a conspiracy!

You can see more choice responses at Raw Story.


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    Someone with a modicum of intelligence wrested control -- that tweet has been disappeared. I wonder if he’s been stuffed in a closet.

  2. says

    Presidential records might include tweets, yes. That’s a good point -- you can bet Jim Comey’s FBI is going to be all over investigating that. They’ll even look on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

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    I thought presidential Tweets were subject to a special regulation and have to be archived.

    Trump never tweets to the POTUS account, it’s always his personal account.

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    IANAL, but that sounds like a distinction without a difference to me…

    Technically, records retention applies to anything you’re doing in an official capacity, which bears on your work.

    I had the briefing on presidential records back in 1993 when I was creating them. Somewhere in the national archives there should be a box of floppies covered with my chicken-scratch: emails to
    Official records are not just what is sent, but what is received. Those rules were put in place after the Reaganites “lost” a bunch of emails during Iran/Contra. So Clinton 1 and HRC (known at the time as “fat boy and the rod” in house) were carefully briefed about it. Of course Everyone immediately did what they could to bypass the regulations, including Hillary’s amazing bad memory.
    Now Trump is doing the same thing that the FBI raked Hillary over the coals for. The US government is made of hypocrisy. If you took all the hypocrisy away the whole thing would fit in an envelope and cost less per year than basic cable.

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    The Reaganites didn’t just lose emails -- they lost the backup tapes. Same trick HRC pulled in 2016. And in both cases the FBI pretended “what? Huh?” And never even asked.

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    Why isn’t the FBI concerned that Trump might be handling classified communications on his personal cell phone? “Hey Vlad! Cruise missiles @9 -- stay frosty!”

  7. lumipuna says

    I heard his personal Twitter account was moved to a secure phone after the media bigly pointed out the poor security of his personal phone. Anyway, the account is still in his personal control and there’s your security problem…

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