Oh Fuck. Can’t be happy for 3 minutes.



Oh, the joys of living in nDakota. Or sDakota, for that matter. I loathe republicans. Their constant embrace of utter stupidity, it’s, oh, here:

North Dakotans will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon after Republican Governor Doug Burgum signed legislation lifting restrictions, a victory for gun rights advocates that came a week after South Dakota’s governor vetoed a similar bill.

The law, which takes effect on Aug. 1, mandates that gun owners only need a North Dakota driver’s license or state identification card for at least a year before they can carry a concealed firearm in public.

The measure, signed late on Thursday, was approved by the Republican-controlled legislature despite concerns over public safety if the state made it easier to carry hidden weapons. Advocates framed the issue in terms of the constitutional right to bear arms.

“North Dakota has a rich heritage of hunting and a culture of deep respect for firearm safety,” Burgum said. “As a hunter and gun owner myself, I strongly support gun rights for law-abiding citizens.”

Yeah, because everyone knows you go deer hunting with a fuckin’ handgun. Not enough fuck, just not enough. nDakota isn’t exactly a hotbed of crime, so there’s no supposed justification there, either. There’s such a “culture of deep respect” that bigoted white dudes think it’s funny to drink, get in their truck full of guns, and go threaten Indians and other brown people with them. Yeah, respect my ass. Godsdamn gun fondlers, you love those things so much, go fuck one. I won’t be feeling better, being surrounded by a fucktonne of people who are also very bigoted, and not prone to cool thinking things out, being able to hide guns all over. Also, this is a state where all manner of knives are legal, but it is illegal to conceal one, so yes, if you have a little bitty pocket knife, in your pocket, that’s illegal. But guns? Yeefuckinghaw. Well, at least the hospitals will be doing more business. And the funeral homes. I have to get out of here.

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  1. says

    I don’t have any hope of that. This was absolutely pointless. There’s a reason you should have to legally apply for concealed carry, it’s simply not necessary for most people. For anyone at all, if I had my way, but.

  2. vucodlak says

    A couple of years back, I was dining in a restaurant in Missouri, which has similarly lax gun laws, when there was a gunshot. The guy at the table next to me had dropped a gun when he sat down. He was just carrying it in the pocket of his windbreaker. Not even a holster or a safety catch.

    And all of this was perfectly legal. The police were called, but he didn’t even get a ticket. The restaurant was packed; it’s sheer luck that nobody got hit. Even if he’d hit somebody, I don’t think he’d have gotten so much as a citation. I’m not even sure somebody could have sued him.

    The stupidity of these kinds of laws is staggering.

  3. johnson catman says

    Yeah, because everyone knows you go deer hunting with a fuckin’ handgun.

    That was my thought when I was reading the quoted material in your post before I got to your comment. Of course, logic never enters into the argument. And all you need is a valid driver’s license. The gun-fondlers are totally off the deep end in love with their guns. I hope that business owners have the right to disallow concealed guns.

  4. blf says

    Is North Dumbota one of those places where, “mysteriously”, you’re not allowed to bring weaponry into the state capitol building(s), or are they full metal stoooopid like Texas where weapons, including concealed weapons, are allowed in the building?

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    Caine, Woodstock NY would welcome you. Not all the reasons for that would be good, but it is an artist community and full of older hippies. I think you’d like it. And we could meet for beverages!

  6. Jessie Harban says

    Yeah, because everyone knows you go deer hunting with a fuckin’ handgun.

    But how else do you stop a bad deer with a gun?

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