Sunday Facepalm.


Today, we have the Compleat Batshit Sweepstakes! Who will win? Will it be Rick Wiles, Cindy Jacobs, Wayne Allen Root, or Lance Wallnau? This is also the S word alliteration contest: pick the winner: from Wallnau, we have sabotaging, sniping and snarling enemies, and from Wiles, we have a slithering cabal of seditious snakes. I think, on pure word performance, Wiles has to take the trophy on S alliteration. The overall winner in the Batshit stakes I will leave up to the reader.

We’ll start with the master of hyperbolic bullshit, Rick Wiles, who is on quite the tear over the Satanistic Cabal of Pedophile Baby Sacrificers. (Why Lucifer comes into this, I don’t know. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. – Psalms 137.9).

Rick Wiles dedicated his radio program yesterday to warning that a secretive pedophile ring is working to destroy President Trump before he can expose their murderous global network.

Wiles said that Trump is “besieged by a slithering cabal of seditious snakes” who are attempting to carry out a coup against him at the behest of the “perpetual war and pedophilia party that has ruled America since they assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963.”

Huh. I really think someone is confused, because conservatives have always been the ones in favour of war. Pedophilia too, actually. I did not listen to the broadcast, that’s simply asking too much, so I don’t know if he expounded on this “perpetual war and pedophilia party” business, or how they managed to assassinate Kennedy. It really is true, isn’t it, that conspiracies never die. They just get twisted about now and again.

They’re fighting like cornered animals to prevent their pedophile network from being exposed. … It’s about the darkest, most disgusting, vilest corruption you can imagine. And if the American people ever find out the truth about their politicians and their celebrities in Hollywood and their TV idols and their favorite TV anchormen and women, and they find out all these great famous people and they find out that they’re just child molesters—not only molesters, but child murderers, sacrificing children to Satan. When they find out, they will drag their bloody carcasses down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., with meat hooks! They’ll have meat hooks in their carcasses.

Bloody carcasses! Meat hooks! Meat hooks in their carcasses! Jesus Fuck, the bloodthirstiness of some christians is truly frightening. At least you know where all the projection is coming from, although that’s not at all comforting. Honestly, I’d think that if such a cabal existed, and were descended from the amazing perpetual war and pedophilia party, they’d just quietly carry out another assassination, rather than attempt to ‘destroy’ the Tiny Tyrant, which I read here as discredit. No one at all has to work at discrediting the Tiny Tyrant or his regime, they are bumbling about, doing a fine job of that themselves. The full story is here, complete with soundcloud.

Up next, in the Seriously Eeeuuuuw! category, is Wayne Allen Root, with his praise of just how very much Trump loves business…

“There is only one thing that makes me happy and makes me open a business, makes me create jobs,” Root said, “and that is a president who appreciates business people, who doesn’t put us down, who doesn’t call us miserable names … And we have a guy now who I know loves and appreciates business men and women.”

“When you have a wife who makes passionate love to you every day, seven days a week, all men get up and smile [because] my wife’s going to make love to me,” he said. “When you have a wife who hates you and you sleep in opposite bedrooms, guess what? You wake up in a bad mood. So I’ve got a president who likes me now instead of one who hates me. Don’t you think it’s going to put me in a good mood and I’m going to want to hire people? Of course it does!”

Oh yes, Trump is just like a beautiful wife who makes love to business people every day of the week! Urgh. There are things, no, there is nothing in that I want to think about. No. Beyond the uurggh, there’s the childish “he likes me! he really likes me!” crap, which translates to “he’s deregulating everything, so now I get to screw everyone over, and pocket everything myself!” Full story, with soundcloud, here.

We now go to Cindy Jacobs, who provides a shining exemplar of republican logic…

“What the Jews have, we have,” Jacobs proclaimed. “However, we have more when we’re in Christ because the Holy Spirit is inside us, empowering us to do the good works we’re called to do.”

“I want to say to you,” she continued, “that one of the things I believe that’s going to bring a great harvest of Jews is the Christians becoming so profoundly wealthy … that it’s going to make them jealous. The wealth and the riches that we’re able to obtain is going to make them jealous.”

“Do you think our poverty is going to make a Jew jealous?” she asked. “Come off it! No, we are meant to prosper. Why? Because they understand, in their culture, that obedience to God brings blessing.”

Translation: “Those awful Jews are rich! We have to compete, and be even richer, because everyone knows the only thing Jewish people care about is money! They don’t care about their faith at all, no.” I can’t help but wonder just what her response would be if she were informed of just how anti-Semitic her little screed was. It’s also interesting to note that the “good works” the holy ghostie empowers them to do is to get rich. Some good works, that. Full story, with video, here.

And, last but not least, Lance Wallnau, who promises they aren’t playing games, no they are deadly serious…

Last night, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau called on his followers to join him in fasting and praying for President Trump during Purim so that, like Esther, Trump can turn the tables on what Wallnau says are the “sabotaging, sniping and snarling” enemies in the media and progressive movement that seek to destroy him.

In a video streamed on Periscope, Wallnau said that liberals, the media and the “deep state” are all working together to undermine Trump’s presidency, but “we’re not playing games, [so] we are fasting and praying so that the Lord will turn the tables” and destroy them instead.

“Our prayer, at this time, is corresponding to the time that Esther mobilized the Jews to pray and fast for their deliverance from Haman,” he said. “And Haman was a government adversary who wanted to annihilate the people of God and God’s influence in the government. So there is a spirit behind the protests of the liberals, the hate, the assassination tweets, the mind control that is so evident in the media, the bizarreness, the toxicity … of the pissed-off progressives.”

More imprecation, along with appropriation of a joyous Jewish holiday, twisting it into a dark malediction. Anyroad, the seriousness is ever so serious, why they are going to kind of fast, and pray! Yeah, that should do the trick. At least he left Ringwraiths out of it. So … it isn’t Lucifer behind all the progressives anymore, it’s Haman? Make up your mind, okay? That’s not much to ask. How on earth can all of us on the side of truth and light know who to dedicate the baby bbq to otherwise? Full story, with video, here.

Both Wiles and Wallnau bring up talk of assassination, with Wallnau assigning such talk to those on the left. I read a tremendous amount of material in order to blog every day, from various points of view, and the only people I see talking assassination are bloodthirsty and paranoid Christians. That said, if anyone gets nailed for it, it would most likely be me. I don’t have the mega-money shields of those in the preaching business.


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    I’d think that if there were a paedophile ring of prominent people then the guy who bragged about sexual assault and is on tape fantasising about fucking teenage girls, including his own daughter, would be one of them.

    Yes, I would think so. Especially as bragging about sexual assault, openly drooling incestuous thoughts and so on, didn’t in the least prevent guy from attaining the presidency. That leads me to think that such a cabal wouldn’t have much need for secrecy.

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