Exquisite Chemistry.

I don’t have words. There’s such a numinous sense to the birth of these crystals. You can see this video in a much larger size at Aeon.

A project by the Italian chemistry student and photographer Emanuele Fornasier, Crystal Birth features close-up time-lapse photography of electrocrystallisation, a process in which an electrical current running through a chemical solution results in the gradual buildup of metal on an electrode. By carrying out this process over hours or days, depending on the chemicals present in the reaction, Fornasier is able to capture crystals piling on beautifully, layer by layer, in a remarkable synthesis of science and art.

Via Aeon.


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    For me, it was zinc, then lead. Astonishing, the growth patterns of lead, I had no idea. It was like seeing Jack Frost come to life.

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