Freethought Resistance.


We have a brand new blog on the network, a group blog that most of us will be contributing to at some point. I’ll let PZ explain:

Freethought Resistance is a new group blog for FtB. Many of us are horrified at the current turn of events in the United States: the rise of the contemptible alt-right, police violence, institutionalized misogyny, demented right-wing militias, the abuse of water protectors in the name of oil interests, theocratic thugs generating growing opposition to the legitimate rights of GLBTQ individuals, and in general, rising intolerance. To cap it all off, we now have a president-elect who is corrupt, treasonous, and incompetent, who is stocking important offices in government with individuals with a long history of opposing the goals of those offices, and who are often grossly unqualified and incompetent themselves.

We oppose this wholesale destruction of democratic values and the equality and liberty of American citizens. To that end, we’ve created this blog to specifically express our outrage with the current intolerable state of affairs.

The purpose of this blog is:

  1. To report on and document abuses and criminal activities of the right wing and theocratic zealots;
  2. To express our own opposition to these acts;
  3. To promote activism;
  4. To provide information about opportunities for activism;
  5. To provide an online rallying point for opposition to the illegitimate government of the United States.

Multiple bloggers from various sites on FtB will be contributing to this blog. We will also consider guest posts from other parties. If interested, send submissions to your favorite blogger with a request for consideration for posting on Freethought Resistance.

I have one disagreement right away, which should be no surprise. As I stated here on Affinity, I refuse to go along with the white supremacist attempt at re-branding, and will not use “alt-right” unless it’s part of something being quoted. Nazis are nazis, and I will not go along with their attempt to make themselves look like spiffy, intellectual people. They aren’t, they are the same vile bigots who have always lurked under greater society, and I don’t think we can afford them so much as an inch. We are living in dangerous times, and making these evil persons sound like nothing more than conservatives is to lull ourselves into a state of shrug, telling ourselves it can’t be that bad. It is that bad.

Anyroad, have a visit, and add to your bookmarks, please! Freethought Resistance.


  1. Tethys says

    I am all for resistance, but why are they waiting until after the 19th? I wish the MSM would start 24 7 coverage featuring the words traitor and treason, , and demanding that the electors seat the actual winner, or we just re-do the entire election. The GOP caused this clusterfuck, so they need to suck it up.

  2. says

    Tethys, I wish I had answers, and I sure as hell wish I knew how in the fuck to get people to pay attention. I’ve seen treason come up twice; mostly it’s on twitter.

    As for the electoral college, that will be a clusterfuck anyway, because all the e-voters who have stated they will not vote Trump also won’t vote Clinton, they will just hang it up on a blank. Russia did its job well, as it didn’t take much, given the addle-pated majority of Americans who have swallowed the anti-Clinton rhetoric whole.

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