Sunday Facepalm: Rick-rolling Westboro.


Photo: Playbill.

This was a wonderful response to Westboro’s standard hate. The facepalm here is reserved just for little Westboro, who seems to be out of steam, and out of ideas. Julliard? Really? I’m thinking someone just wanted an excuse to hit NY for some fabulous shopping.

“This [Julliard] is the heart and soul of the arts community,” Phelps-Roper reportedly yelled over the music. She added that Juilliard staff “have taught this nation proud sin” and “have filled the nation with proud sodomites.”


They were quickly surrounded by a group of 100 students who “rick-rolled” the hate mongers with a classical version of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Via NewNowNext.


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