Standing Rock Needs You.


We’re at the Red Line. If you can come to Standing Rock, now is the time. Please, if you can make it, please, please come. If you can come, please pledge. We need you.

Pledge to Resist the Dakota Access Pipeline.


  1. joel says

    Hmm, you want us to travel halfway across the country to get the crap beaten out of us by armed thugs.

    No one wants you, Cupcake. You’re an ignorant ass, with less worth than a deliquescent toadstool. -- Caine.

  2. says

    Joel, you were informed in the Pharyngula thread that you are wrong. Not only wrong, willfully ignorant, and prideful in your stupidity. In my book that makes you a fucking asshole, and that violates my one rule. Bye.

  3. rq says

    Fuck you, joel. If you prefer poisoned water, that’s your business. Caine wasn’t talking to you anyway, since you obviously don’t care about the consequences of a pipeline near drinking water.

  4. says


    A couple of my cousins are raising funds to go to Standing Rock!

    Great news! We’ll be back out again this week, on Wednesday.

  5. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I’m going to send a little more $$ when I get paid (hopefully this week). It’s all I can do, but hopefully every little bit helps.

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