Over 100 Cops, Part 4.

Yeah, I know, everyone is tired of cops. So are we, but they aren’t going away. Towards the end, some people drove up with a truck full of wood, and people were busy grabbing pieces and throwing it into the river, if not to build another bridge that day, to block the cops. The last shots are facing towards camp, as a lot of us were returning to rest and recoup. Click for full size.













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  1. Lofty says

    The banality of evil.
    “Dear diary,
    Today I pepper sprayed some Untermenschen. Had Tacos for dinner. Slept well. More fun tomorrow I hope!”
    Disgusting but entirely human unfortunately. What a poor education does to ordinary people.

  2. says

    I don’t think this can be placed at the door of poor education. I expect plenty of those cops are well educated, but an education doesn’t remedy everything. Lots of those cops aren’t from nDakota, lots are. Like most people, I expect they have zero knowledge and experience of anything Indian, and not all of them looked happy about what they were doing. Unfortunately, those who are unhappy, ashamed, and embarrassed aren’t any of that enough to walk away, or to walk to the right side of things.

  3. Lofty says

    You’re quite right, it’s not just education. Being naturally non competitive I don’t know how hard it is for schools to teach tolerance and diversity instead of partisanship. Imagine school sports if every team was forced to swap half their players with those of the opposite team at half time. Diversity should be a feature not a bug.

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